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  1. As the title says. Who was your favorite pker when you first got into the pking scene growing up?! Personally mine would have to be between Elvemage and Kids Ranqe. FUCKING NOSTALGIA
  2. Nice to see the clanning community still thriving in 2020! Hope everyone is doing well miss the game a lot 😄

  3. Hello Sharkbrew Community, Previously being in the clanning scene for a span of around 4 years and needing an alternative I am now heavily into the Fortnite competitive scene and practice a lot with players on my college's (Arizona State University) D1 & D2 teams. I also follow a lot of the pros like Tfue, Cloakzy, 72hrs, Bizzle, etc. What game or games do you guys play competitively now? 😀 Best Regards, J_E_N_G_H_O
  4. Damn that song was trash but props to him for pursuing something he enjoys 😎
  5. Deadass had a dream last night about clanning, prepping, pkri's, etc wow I miss the game so much. Huge part of my youth. Hope the clanning scene is still propering in 2k19 😎

  6. Best LPC to join for F2P action? 

    1. pam


      none, make a xlpc acc it takes a week :P

    2. Ownage man

      Ownage man

      Apex. Join. Apex-rs.com

    3. Public Relations Pig

      Public Relations Pig

      @J_E_N_G_H_O join your Annihilation brothers over @ www.eop-rs.org

  7. What LPC clans are out and which ones are the best rn? Looking for primarily F2P action specifically clan wars and pkri/weekend action especially. Peace and love, J_E_N_G_H_O
  8. Havn't been in the clanning scene for a long time now but i'm cb 76 (88str, 96 range, 60atk, 52 pray) & am 1 defence pure what bracket would I fall under xlpc? Lpc? Etc. Idk if the brackets are different now & if so what clan should I join and why? Primarily F2P based also thanks bros
    1. Cody9204


      true just wish ppl would have more midweeks instead of being pussies(fury, trauma etc)

  9. Congratulations on best ending loss streak lithuanian pures <3
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