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  1. l0000l I made u leave fom already easy
  2. You're up at 4 am asking yourself why you lost a runescape fight Pretty sad your allies supremacy(main clan)/revenant(main clan) didn't come aid you yesterday, this is what happens when it's a clean 1v1. I think your members are speaking very clearly "remjob"(wtf is that LOL), they don't want to fight EoP at GDZ ever again! No more! pussy clan!
  3. I killed you like 35x today lmfao you're legit trash stay your trashy ass in FOM bich
  4. lmfao pexo smoked that FOMASS cleeeeean win from my boys
  5. quit crying lmfao fO GOT SMOKED AHAHAH
  6. you bring mains too, why is 20 mains any better than 60? you were going to have those 20 mains regardless so don't say "because u had them first" headass
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