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  1. nice, make sure u recruit more pures tho
  2. Vaultz45

    sv did this to you

    lmk if u want proof
  3. Vaultz45

    sv did this to you

    so u gonna act like ur database didn't get leaked just this year? lmfao watch ur mouth
  4. Vaultz45

    sv did this to you

    sv got fucked by eop lolol
  5. Vaultz45

    sv did this to you

    You trynna flame eop yet ur clan got killed in 2 weeks lmfa0000 Sv will be forever the dog of the scene
  6. Goop got kicked by a girl l000000l

  7. Vaultz45

    Any IMT Rank+

    For any member/rank that is willing to work with our leadership by leaking any intel Discord/Logs/Audio pm or hl any Energy rank We'll be releasing some intel in the next few weeks about your clan, exposing weak leadership and how your clan is paying other snipe teams to help you on trips. @Imt members Leave your clan before it's too late. to make some $$$ PM STICK#5157 BROCK#4834 for a way out