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  1. Vaultz45

    Any IMT Rank+

    For any member/rank that is willing to work with our leadership by leaking any intel Discord/Logs/Audio pm or hl any Energy rank We'll be releasing some intel in the next few weeks about your clan, exposing weak leadership and how your clan is paying other snipe teams to help you on trips. @Imt members Leave your clan before it's too late. to make some $$$ PM STICK#5157 BROCK#4834 for a way out
  2. Vaultz45

    pure rough weekend at EOP hq

    what u gonna leak us ragging ur members l000l
  3. https://eop-rs.org/topic/91943-operation-aid-eruption-of-pures-leaks-13452-lines-of-rage-leader-irc/
  4. and u can't do anything about it lmao.
  5. Eop winner again lmfao was ez

    1. G U L F

      G U L F

      Your mom is a thot lmao

  6. Vaultz45

    Which scene is less toxic?

    yo @G U L F ur mom is a thot lmfao
  7. Vaultz45

    How Desperate?

    your name is GIGGS l0l holy fuck
  8. Vaultz45

    It's not rocket science

    nobody closed us l0l, you still mad we closed ur shit clans x7? keep trying cutie pie maybe one day you'll be relevant
  9. Tell me what did EF accomplished l0l0l0l shit clan no history, quote if mad
  10. u still mad we leaked ur shit x10? kiss the ring cutie pie EF closed btw