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  1. manboob69

    Day 1 - RoT ends fo in under an hour

    another day another dollar
  2. hearing some rumours... the last pures?

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    2. 'Jamie


      not sure if that'd happen, foe would scramble and have to auto rank people.. best of luck if it happens though

    3. Tyga
    4. Ecstacy


      Today’s pure scene doesn’t deserve tlp

  3. cd v25 still clinging on to any last relevance it has hahahah
  4. manboob69

    weekend Didn't think IR could get any more desperate...

    what do u mean apex has been a thing longer than supremacy?
  5. manboob69

    EOP - What has been your experience?

    trash clan but fo acting like the saviours of the community is comical
  6. im busy getting bottle service at the best bars in montreal and this guys posting his runescape essay
  7. manboob69

    cwa 5v9 comeback vs Misfits

    just going off the snaps of u at the hawks game brother ;ppp merry christmas to u and the family buddy
  8. manboob69

    cwa 5v9 comeback vs Misfits

    @robbyy the atlanta hawks so bad ur stuck posting rs 4 v 9 while my raps busy beating gsw on their own court without kawhi lmao goof ;P, hope u been well friend
  9. manboob69

    Pure community Hall of Fame

    b l u orchid / pur3 sponge in the hatred were cool guys
  10. yo 14-0 in fantasy football. paypal me $200 if u want in on a $1400 pot. free money

    1. manboob69


      i lied im 14-1 paypal me 150

  11. this and late 2010 were my favourites
  12. cd has never been stronger than they are today
  13. im actually releasing a scientific journal on this very subject. stay tuned...
  14. how do u guys expect for jagex to approve a 1-20def world or whatever that wont be overrun with bots? add a skill total? it'd have to be pretty high i'd think..
  15. manboob69

    give credit to sharkbrew

    buddy u coulda saved like a solid 10 minutes by just saying fo fucking sucks fo fucking sucks