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  1. lmfao the 3 above avg warrers left in fo must be rly mad rn and thinking about joining a clan that does preps and minis
  2. this is gr8 for any1 tryna get rid of rune tanks in wildy
  3. lmao just quit rs like every1 with common sense bro theres WAY better games out there
  4. the boys = the most dominant p2p era of rs, dont @ me on this 1

    1. Maxx


      panda instinct tho

    2. Lee


      1 hour ago, Maxx said:

      panda instinct tho


    3. Boo the propaganda buster
  5. honestly judging from my extremely high iq and quick learning i wud outperform that sig in 2 hours if given enough care
  6. you just admitted ur only good for killing pvmers and wasting ur weekends away? so i dont rly get ur flex on this 1 dawg
  7. l000l what a garbage sig, this took 2 months to be done?
  8. the 1/4 of rs u talk about is the only semi competitive aspect of the game so yeah nobody gives a flying fuck about how many mains u bring on ur saturday trip or how many times u cleared the rev pmers at 1pm gmt
  9. that is correct apex still haven't lost any p2p preps in about 2 years now. kinda crazy
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