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  1. Was curious what clans are “pro Zenith” besides the ones they’ve paid for help like SR and the main clans they used against FI last weekend. If it wasn’t for GP i think they would be all alone at this point. Boycott this NH clan please. A clan like Zenith isn’t healthy for the pure community at this point. Personally i don’t think all of OSRS should have gamers like them.
  2. This is the only post you’ve ever made that i agree with. From my understanding all of the pure community are against Zenith at this point. It’s become more than a rivalry between clans. It’s simply a good vs evil situation. Zenith is bad for the game of OSRS.
  3. Beef Case here gotta say after watching both POVs it looked like a great event for both clans. GGs
  4. Beef Case here! i must admit that Terror has done it the correct way IMO. Started out as XLPC and dominated everyone. Once they built a solid core and rank team they all agreed to train up their accounts together and make the move to LPC. If i was trying to make a new clan i would follow that roadmap but to each their own and best of luck to you.
  5. If i was new to clanning and wanted to join into one right now, knowing the things I’m aware of i would contact BP OG Terror or SF ranks and try to attend open invite events to test the waters.
  6. SF still out here providing the proof of how bad they are lol. Everyone knows they wouldn’t mini any clan besides a brand new one who isnt even open officially yet. And stilllllll lost lmao
  7. OG is well known for clean fair fights and daily events. I heard they have the best community also. Zenith dox and ddos plus hire main clans to fight for them. Rage hires venny clans to fight for them. FI big masser clan #1 IMO. Foe and LY just took an L from a rivalry. Sup and apex are ehh. BP really strong clan but lots of 4ners. SF give each other free blow jobs so that’s a plus but they more of a rev cave team. Not sure who else I’m missing off the top of my head.
  8. Who asked what a little SF retard thinks? GG BP it looks and sounds like a clear win over SF AKA the rev team
  9. Was jw when the last time SF had a winning topic (that wasn’t an awful POV of getting cleared then regrouping and hitting after 3-4 clans already had been fighting)
  10. Beef Case here FI was avoiding the meds/mains Zenith have to use. Simple as that. Nothing more and nothing less. Beef Case
  11. Beef case here Begging another clan to help you win a rivalry isn’t something the “#1” clan should have to do. All this chat about FI avoiding today but they weren’t avoid Zenith at all. Just avoiding the med/mains that zenith can’t win without using to help them. That’s why zenith will never accept a clan wars event vs LY, Foe or FI. Beef Case
  12. Beef Case here Don't let this post die down. OG closed Exo and i heard it was “E Z P Z 4 OG” Beef Case
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