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  1. ambush how u

    lose down 9? 

    1. Lankz


      Nice cape counter

    2. Bowsz


      3 minutes ago, Lankz said:

      Nice cape counter

      if you look at the thing called a mini map you can see we are outnumbered and they have alot more lol 

    3. Lankz


      You want me to count white dots instead of adding a cape counter? Yeaaaaaah no 

  2. Nothing new tbh Destroying another wannabe snipe unit ( called ambush ) how the fuck is you a snipe unit when u pull 14-20 everytime you go out?? and you lose when we are down 9 l0l @Daddy Natedon't say we teamed on you watch the vid we hit both you and power rat
  3. Bowsz

    showcase Storm intro

    oh man don't make me start sniping you trust me imt got tha smoke you lucky af we didn't focus you @Warbowcontrol your boi @Pun
  4. Bowsz

    showcase Storm intro

    love you more rekt
  5. Ambush massed up 12 wolves later peaking at 17 on our 50s and whipped the xlpc scene. Cleared 3poop x3 and made them go recruit at edge bank. Very easy. Not worth putting in the video. Join Team Ambush cc #1 snipe team Snipe teams don't pull 12 or 17 might as well go xlpc
  6. Bowsz

    showcase Storm intro

    You like or naw?
  7. i can agree it was free smoke imt gave us free loot #snipegang