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  1. announcement Demotions

    I've never been active in the staff chat everyone knows that and I am very aware that it's not okay hence why I think it's odd he's still around, we have systems in place to control and stop mains but we have a rank openly creating a main clan to rag pures. Sad tbh.
  2. @XLPCs

    Demotion is needed.
  3. Good guy @Murd and CIR, it's not okay for a rank to promote and attempt to ruin the pure scene and said person needs to be held accountable.
  4. An Open Letter To My LPC/XLPC Fans

    I got you brother TL;DR - @Tyendinaga started clanning 2 years ago, his clan closed because it was brown sticky stuff and for some reason he thinks he's relevant.
  5. An Open Letter To My LPC/XLPC Fans

    You started clanning 2 years ago just stfu.
  6. Demote Tyenedingo

    Demote the turkey. Purposely ragging pures on mains isn't something a rank should be doing.
  7. announcement Demotions

    @Moni is it okay for @Tyendinaga to remain gatekeeper whilst being a part of a dead clan making tanks for the sole purpose of hitting pures? I mean after all this site is for pures, kind of goes against the integrity of the site and being in a position of power that consists of better the community?
  8. announcement COTM Returning 1st April 2018

    @Tyendinaga will you Ub guys be competing in this with your tanks?
  9. Winner winner chicken dinner, again ty.
  10. hassans reaction after today

    He's crying atm lmao
  11. Envy Saturday Audio :):)

    @Big Meat How long was this one? 4 weeks maybe?? Envy is done and dusted, closing topic (47th one) coming soon.
  12. Envy Staff Meeting Leak

    Nah @manboob I didn't actually apply I was randomly promo'd one day, was actually a surprise tbh but it's not to bad to be able to clean up this side of the community.
  13. Envy Staff Meeting Leak

    Since when has 2 weeks equaled 7 days LMAO? You might want to concentrate on your education rather than