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  1. banter
    Vendetta Audio leak Part1.

    What's the point of this?
  2. midweek noxshit

    Oh nice
  3. Clans think they're above recruiting and would rather make banter topics on Sb. To be fair though new players to scene wouldn't enjoy as much these days.
  4. Is sharkbrew dying?

    If it was dead you wouldn't have posted this.
  5. pure account Looking for a clan

    Gl with your search
  6. Apex Hosting

    So did Apex end up leaving Sb? I can still see them posting lol.
  7. banter
    1 year ago...

    Ah yes the clan that existed to only farm monthly signatures on SB, has it been that long since they closed?
  8. Kim

    Damn looks like Sup turning to another clan for help to make an attempt at bettering their rivals, who's next?
  9. Apex Hosting

    Looks like some belts are up for grabs
  10. Night tune

    Rocky son
  11. A funny / sad fact

    They'll still pull more than the other clans.
  12. whats up!

    Gl bud