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  1. Simpler

    Give your core members what they want @FO HQ

    Nah man I'm quiet a way off from 30. I don't play Runescape.com so I have nothing to actually get off and there's no reason for me to leave these forums just because you've been outsmarted by me and lack the skills to have proper adult conversations/discussions.
  2. Simpler

    Ending 101:

    All that talk to only get cleared and banned from Sb.
  3. Simpler


    What's the purpose of fake endings?
  4. I knew their hype would die quick and the other members from closed clans would leave but I didn't expect it to be this quick tbh.
  5. Apex banned from Sb again, shouldn't have piper up tbh it wasn't hard at all.
  6. Simpler

    It's like magic

    What lol.
  7. Simpler


    They are very quiet which is weird.
  8. Simpler

    warning to all clans

    We take care of people who piper up.
  9. Simpler

    Thanks apex

    Shouldn't mess with the Abdullahs.
  10. Simpler

    Give your core members what they want @FO HQ

    Please show any example of an obsession with Apex? I've already won a rivalry against Apex in my time so believe me there is no obsession. I understand that I've made you look very silly but there's no need to continue on trying to attack or insult me, it literally will not work my friend. Also if you actually read what I've said you'd understand that my point was one good year doesn't compare to the countless years foe has had over Apex but I'll state once again that you were obviously to heated to read any previous comments before you decided to butt in with your invalid opinion. Oh cute I remember when I first started to drink alcohol, now I drink it for the enjoyment and social aspect opposed to "going out getting drunk" A little fyi, just because you try and act cool it infact doesn't actually make you cool.
  11. Simpler

    Give your core members what they want @FO HQ

    What you're saying is a contradiction do you understand that? How come you're so heated over a couple of comments which weren't even directed at you or towards you in any shape or form? I have 0 idea who you are and why you feel the need to attack people on a community forum simply because their opinion differs from yours. I shall comment in any manner I see fit, you can try and attack aspects of my presence on this website but it won't work you will only come off second best. Btw you should do some research on what a "retard" is seeing that you're using it in the wrong context.
  12. Simpler

    Give your core members what they want @FO HQ

    You're hiding behind an alias of a heavyweight boxer from England on a Runescape.com community clanning forum and you're referring to me as a moron? Makes no sense my friend.