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  1. Fatality - not because I have hatred for the ranks or members, but simply for the reason they have been in a slump for over 3 years now, barely being able to pull over 40 consistently, peaking at numbers like 60 for anniversaries, its not to call me a glory hunter, but when your clan is in a slump for over 1000 days you have to wonder, do your ranks really care? are they really trying to do anything to get out of the slump? would never join a clan that dosen't even seem concerned with getting good again.
  2. Thanks for the fight today at GDZ FO, unsure how you guys running south of gap and logging out when ur down by 40 is winning though LOL. unfortunate you had to come rag us in IR capes at bandits, what happens to you next is simply consequences to your actions..
  3. Anglerbrew coming soon

  4. runefest 2018 @jamz


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