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    dulls moms hot
  2. They probs thought we were joking when we said that l0l
  3. @Waifu Pillow taking L's left and right l0l nigga can't catch a break
  4. @Old Nox @Michael look at this shit l0l <03:24:43> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": i also thought of buying tanks for 100$<03:24:49> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": will get me 5<03:25:06> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": ask 3at to buy more from the ads<03:25:14> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": and we have 20-25 lvl 90s<03:25:21> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": to hand out to vet+ @Aysix smh
  5. Original topic: https://eop-rs.org/topic/110225-supremacy-hq/ * topic by Palo aka Stick aka Astroworld aka ***master69 * https://textuploader.com/d2ra5 --Stick--- wins again-- <03:12:57> *** You are now talking in channel: "[lspacer]➊ Leadership" <03:13:07> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": sup <03:13:07> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": ? <03:13:11> "[six - prep life] six": are yall here. <03:13:15> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": yes <03:13:16> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": sup <03:13:18> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": dont leave us <03:13:18> "[six - prep life] six": like actually here <03:13:19> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": !! <03:13:19> "[six - prep life] six": okay. <03:13:21> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <03:13:22> "[six - prep life] six": im leaving to join eop <03:13:23> "[Crafted] Crafted": everyone besides Zach <03:13:23> "[six - prep life] six": jk <03:13:25> "[six - prep life] six": jkjkjkjkjk <03:13:26> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": lol <03:13:27> "[six - prep life] six": anyway <03:13:28> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": <3 <03:13:28> "[six - prep life] six": real talk <03:13:31> "[six - prep life] six": im talking to nm right now <03:13:35> "[six - prep life] six": I can seriously get my whole rank team <03:13:38> "[six - prep life] six": including some others <03:13:39> "[six - prep life] six": to come here. <03:13:42> "[six - prep life] six": but i need a trade for trade <03:13:44> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": very nice <03:13:46> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": what u need? <03:13:49> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": i got xlpc <03:13:50> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": <03:13:54> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": but the thing is <03:13:55> "[six - prep life] six": just come to our sunday xlpc trips <03:13:56> "[six - prep life] six": is all im asking <03:13:59> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": mines bout to be ready <03:14:00> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": ill come <03:14:03> "[Crafted] Crafted": I don't have <03:14:05> "[six - prep life] six": thats all im asking <03:14:05> "[Crafted] Crafted": xLPC account <03:14:07> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": my gf gonna fucking be irritated af if i spend 2-3hrs <03:14:08> "[six - prep life] six": crafted ill have a spare <03:14:11> "[Crafted] Crafted": Kk <03:14:14> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": but ill come <03:14:16> "[Crafted] Crafted": If you have spare then I'll come <03:14:18> "[six - prep life] six": so listen. <03:14:20> "[six - prep life] six": i can get <03:14:21> "[six - prep life] six": 8-10 <03:14:28> "[six - prep life] six": but we need trades. <03:14:32> "[six - prep life] six": thats all <03:14:33> "[six - prep life] six": im asking <03:14:39> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": [email protected] ***** <03:14:39> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": ill come <03:14:40> "[six - prep life] six": theyll give opts if we give them <03:14:41> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": my acc <03:14:42> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": ill come <03:14:56> "[six - prep life] six": ofcourse im prioritizing sup here <03:15:01> "[six - prep life] six": im just looking at the bigger picture <03:15:06> "[six - prep life] six": and i think it can be beneficiary <03:15:10> "[six - prep life] six": if we help nm. <03:15:14> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": it can <03:15:16> "[six - prep life] six": thats the extra 8-10 we need <03:15:19> "[six - prep life] six": to be able to handle ir/apex <03:15:21> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": we gotta stimulate others to come aswell tho <03:15:24> "[six - prep life] six": and these are 8-10 quality members <03:15:30> "[six - prep life] six": not just shit random kids <03:15:35> "[six - prep life] six": they are actually good at every aspect <03:15:36> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": sounds g-unit <03:15:36> "[six - prep life] six": of clanning <03:15:38> "[six - prep life] six": maxed accounts <03:15:39> "[six - prep life] six": ect. <03:15:47> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": gimme nm forums/ts <03:15:52> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": no forums yet <03:15:56> "[Crafted] Crafted": If you guys have accounts I can bring a lot of ppl <03:15:58> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": gimme ts <03:15:58> "[six - prep life] six": no forums yet <03:16:05> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": nightmare.ts3chat.com <03:16:05> "[Crafted] Crafted": but idk how many actual SUP members have xLPC accounts <03:16:05> "[six - prep life] six": nightmare.ts3chat.com <03:16:11> "[six - prep life] six": just ask around crafted <03:16:14> "[six - prep life] six": thats all. <03:16:15> "[six - prep life] six": and just lmk <03:16:20> "[six - prep life] six": i'll try my best to get as many as i can from nm here. <03:16:29> "[six - prep life] six": its just hard negotiating with these noobs sometimes <03:16:29> "[six - prep life] six": l0l <03:16:33> "[Crafted] Crafted": Kk <03:16:41> "[six - prep life] six": alright <03:16:44> "[six - prep life] six": they'll be coming tomrrow <03:16:46> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": hook me up <03:16:47> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": im buttface <03:16:48> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": in lobby <03:16:51> "[six - prep life] six": so thats 8-10 extra on our pull <03:16:57> "[Crafted] Crafted": We need <03:17:00> "[Crafted] Crafted": Teamspeak activity <03:17:02> "[Crafted] Crafted": from the ranks tomorrow <03:17:03> "[Crafted] Crafted": before the trip <03:17:08> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": ill be on <03:17:09> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": all day <03:17:10> "[Crafted] Crafted": last Saturday it was fucking atrocious <03:17:12> "[Crafted] Crafted": we actually had <03:17:14> "[Crafted] Crafted": 40 ppl on ts <03:17:17> "[Crafted] Crafted": an hour before the trip <03:17:19> "[Crafted] Crafted": 40 ppl in total <03:17:21> "[Crafted] Crafted": that is TERRIBLE <03:17:25> "[six - prep life] six": yeah <03:17:28> "[six - prep life] six": we need it <03:17:29> "[six - prep life] six": we can do it <03:17:29> "[six - prep life] six": dw. <03:17:38> "[Crafted] Crafted": Everybody needs to be pitching in b4 the trip tomorrow <03:17:47> "[six - prep life] six": ye <03:17:51> "[Crafted] Crafted": get your +1s or even if you can't recruit unmute and talk to ppl <03:17:52> "[six - prep life] six": i have eop join.me tomorrow <03:17:52> "[six - prep life] six": btw <03:17:56> "[Crafted] Crafted": thats for everyone in here <03:18:00> "[six - prep life] six": And those 8-10 are coming to trip as well. <03:18:04> "[six - prep life] six": so we should be okay <03:18:05> "[Crafted] Crafted": We should be able <03:18:06> "[six - prep life] six": for tomorrow. <03:18:08> "[Crafted] Crafted": to get 55 without NM <03:18:09> "[Crafted] Crafted": atleast <03:18:11> "[six - prep life] six": yeah <03:18:11> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": okay <03:18:11> "[Crafted] Crafted": maybe 60 <03:18:12> "[six - prep life] six": that means <03:18:13> "[Crafted] Crafted": thats the goal <03:18:13> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": i met john <03:18:15> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": he is cool <03:18:15> "[six - prep life] six": we are pulling 76 <03:18:17> "[six - prep life] six": or 75 <03:18:20> "[six - prep life] six": tomorrow <03:18:21> "[six - prep life] six": hopefully <03:18:23> "[six - prep life] six": so lets get it done. <03:18:24> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": hopefully <03:18:25> "[six - prep life] six": good work boys. <03:18:28> "[Crafted] Crafted": We did a great job recruiting today <03:18:28> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": i guess 70 max <03:18:30> "[six - prep life] six": ima talk to these guys now. <03:18:34> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": but <03:18:37> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": thanks to salso imo <03:18:39> "[six - prep life] six": yeah <03:18:42> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": before people didnt do shit <03:18:43> "[six - prep life] six": salso really made us push <03:18:47> "[Crafted] Crafted": Ye Salso motivated ppl <03:18:56> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": u guys know <03:18:57> "[Crafted] Crafted": But today was the best I've ever seen SUP recruit rly <03:18:58> "[Crafted] Crafted": we got like <03:18:59> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": salso actually wanna step up <03:19:00> "[Crafted] Crafted": 7 kids on TS <03:19:00> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": big time <03:19:07> "[Crafted] Crafted": If Salso wants a rankj <03:19:11> "[Crafted] Crafted": all he has to do is PM 3at <03:19:12> "[Crafted] Crafted": l0l <03:19:14> "[Crafted] Crafted": hes welcome to it <03:19:16> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": ye ik <03:19:17> "[Crafted] Crafted": tell Salso that <03:19:19> "[Crafted] Crafted": if he wants to step up <03:19:23> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": he'll prob take after summer <03:19:25> "[six - prep life] six": please <03:19:27> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": if only he was active <03:19:27> "[six - prep life] six": make him take <03:19:28> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": would be sick <03:19:32> "[six - prep life] six": salso gives me motivation <03:19:36> "[Crafted] Crafted": Salso been active all week <03:19:36> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": he spoke to me about it <03:19:42> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": he wants to step up <03:19:43> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": etc <03:19:45> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": will be g <03:19:47> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": but he does this often <03:19:49> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": whenever hes active <03:19:49> "[six - prep life] six": what more can i do for supremacy btw <03:19:50> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": he opens a clan <03:19:51> "[Crafted] Crafted": We've been kinda stagnant over the past 2 weeks I feel like <03:19:52> "[six - prep life] six": i wanna know <03:19:52> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": then closes it <03:19:57> "[Crafted] Crafted": because Zach hasn't been as active <03:19:58> "[six - prep life] six": what can i do more <03:20:07> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": six u do enuf <03:20:10> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": imo <03:20:12> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": atleast <03:20:14> "[Crafted] Crafted": I mean like idk Aysix <03:20:20> "[Crafted] Crafted": We already gonna give u Captain <03:20:28> "[six - prep life] six": im just saying like what else needs to be done <03:20:30> "[Crafted] Crafted": Uhh <03:20:32> "[Crafted] Crafted": Recruiting <03:20:34> "[Crafted] Crafted": is the biggest thing <03:20:41> "[six - prep life] six": i got us a eop leak, i just got a few nm guys. <03:20:44> "[six - prep life] six": Maybe more sand crabs <03:20:45> "[Crafted] Crafted": Leaks we are pretty good on <03:20:46> "[six - prep life] six": and non clanners <03:20:50> "[Crafted] Crafted": Like last Saturday <03:20:50> "[six - prep life] six": to get in here <03:20:52> "[Crafted] Crafted": we had uhh <03:21:01> "[Crafted] Crafted": WE spent like 30m on leaks last Sat <03:21:07> "[Crafted] Crafted": I think we had pretty much every clan besides EoP <03:21:14> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": we had eop <03:21:15> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": on sun <03:21:18> "[six - prep life] six": okay. <03:21:19> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": when i was there <03:21:21> "[six - prep life] six": we have eop f2p's now <03:21:22> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": utc <03:21:24> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": talk to ur ir guy <03:21:27> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": yea <03:21:27> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": tell him to be on <03:21:27> "[six - prep life] six": my leak wont be on p2p i dont think. <03:21:28> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": i got 2 in ir <03:21:30> "[six - prep life] six": If we need one <03:21:30> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": my usual ir guy is gonna be late <03:21:34> "[six - prep life] six": i can get us another ir spy <03:21:34> "[Crafted] Crafted": Ok and another thing <03:21:36> "[six - prep life] six": ill tell someone to join ir <03:21:38> "[six - prep life] six": and leak to me <03:21:39> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": he'll provide me with audio tho <03:21:39> "[six - prep life] six": if we need it <03:21:43> "[Crafted] Crafted": Alcher is going to be on before the trip like he always is recruiting <03:21:48> "[six - prep life] six": thats good <03:21:50> "[Crafted] Crafted": If you see Alcher recruiting, please just keep him company <03:21:51> "[six - prep life] six": alcher will keep ts active <03:21:52> "[Crafted] Crafted": or something <03:21:52> "[Crafted] Crafted": l00l <03:21:53> "[six - prep life] six": definitely <03:21:57> "[six - prep life] six": okay im done here guys <03:21:59> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": also <03:22:01> "[six - prep life] six": gunna talk it out with nm <03:22:02> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": tell 3at on kik <03:22:04> "[six - prep life] six": lmk if u need anything <03:22:04> "[Crafted] Crafted": Kk <03:22:04> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": to close website <03:22:08> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": tell people to come on ts on webstie <03:22:10> "[Crafted] Crafted": Am I the only one <03:22:11> "[Crafted] Crafted": who thinks <03:22:14> "[Crafted] Crafted": closing the website isn't good <03:22:17> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": ye <03:22:23> "[Crafted] Crafted": idk I hated when he used to do that <03:22:23> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": nah idk <03:22:24> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": xd <03:22:30> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": dude a message like <03:22:30> "[Crafted] Crafted": but I would browse forums during trips <03:22:33> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": come on ts now <03:22:39> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": for big f2p trip <03:22:41> "[Crafted] Crafted": We can do that <03:22:43> "[Crafted] Crafted": I'll let him now <03:22:45> "[Crafted] Crafted": know <03:22:45> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": will actually get u 3-4 more <03:22:46> "[Crafted] Crafted": * <03:22:55> "[Crafted] Crafted": Spiral <03:22:55> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": also the ts banner might've helped <03:22:57> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": topic i made <03:22:58> "[Crafted] Crafted": are you going to be on tomorrow <03:23:01> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": ofc <03:23:03> "[Crafted] Crafted": Kk good <03:23:08> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": i got apex/ir <03:23:11> "[Crafted] Crafted": talk to that cty guy and see if he can come l0000l <03:23:12> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": and if my ir is late <03:23:13> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": utc got it <03:23:16> "[Crafted] Crafted": We'll dress him up in pure gear <03:23:17> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": yeah i got 2 <03:23:17> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": ye he will i guess <03:23:18> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": should be fine. <03:23:24> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": also <03:23:28> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": are we gonna get tanks logged in again <03:23:32> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": was fun leading that shit last sat <03:23:34> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": had 16 tanks <03:23:37> "[Crafted] Crafted": Probably <03:23:46> "[Crafted] Crafted": IR going to have <03:23:48> "[Crafted] Crafted": 70+ prob tomorrow <03:23:48> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": i got this bot from slowky today <03:23:51> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": ima start making tanks <03:23:52> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": with bot <03:23:52> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": ye <03:23:53> "[Crafted] Crafted": but aslong as we can get 65 <03:23:55> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": 70+ i think <03:23:55> "[Crafted] Crafted": I think we'll be good <03:24:04> "[Crafted] Crafted": 65 is definitely obtainable <03:24:06> "[Crafted] Crafted": with the NM guys <03:24:07> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": u got a sandcrab bot? <03:24:10> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": yeah <03:24:12> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": nice <03:24:19> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": i made 4 tanks in px <03:24:21> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": but all got banned <03:24:24> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": using a bot <03:24:24> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": <03:24:31> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": hopefully I get lucky <03:24:34> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": ye <03:24:43> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": i also thought of buying tanks for 100$ <03:24:49> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": will get me 5 <03:25:06> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": ask 3at to buy more from the ads <03:25:14> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": and we have 20-25 lvl 90s <03:25:21> "[〆Spiral] 〆Spiral": to hand out to vet+ <03:25:34> "[Utc] ᴜᴛᴄ": i pmed my ir guys rn <03:26:11> "[Crafted] Crafted": Kk <03:26:14> "[Crafted] Crafted": I gonna move us down <03:26:21> *** You are now talking in channel: "❊ Phoenix Channel" A message from Palo: Speak bad of my name and I will kill your clan. More coming soon. Palo sends his regards.
  6. @King of kings aka EoP's personal dog got fucking smoked l0l. No treats for you anytime soon boy!
  7. @King of kings aka EoP's personal dog got fucking smoked l0l. No treats for you anytime soon boy!
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