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  1. we already beat them 30v30 in p2p And f2p
  2. is there something wrong with ur brain lmfao? both pics have inaccurate cape numbers because we were chasing ur ally LMFAO
  3. u clearly wanted this 6v6 win very badly l0l
  4. i mean u can take ur singles win with 3 other clans in ur capes, but we all know we beat u 1v2
  5. heard rage jizzle (effy stomen) (he thought nobody knew this account so he doxed a rot member on it) doxed a rot member and I actually saw the proof lmfao how fuckin retarded can you be l000l
  6. idk the fact that u watched all 3 povs is very sad to me
  7. yeh bro so u can ddos like u did for a 10v10 mini
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