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  1. Mustafa

    Nigerians vs Somali Gang P2P Mini (2-0)

    l0l ngl the song had me rollin
  2. omfg Supremacy clan put a picture of a Rage guy saying they couldnt pull but they outpulled them and beat them too ! very cringe !!
  3. Mustafa

    hej rage

    its not a flame against px, supremacy was pretty much smoking every clan in f2p and we still do
  4. tell me friend, in which way is it cringe?
  5. Mustafa

    hej rage

    Dude we smoked px so hard in preps we legit stopped making topics at one point, our records against px in f2p is like 20-1 l00l
  6. when did this kid become such a retard lol also if u dont want us to put up a picture like that maybe tell edgi to simmer down first?
  7. Mustafa

    who is gonna win this years Anniversary

    Anyone who said IR in this topic shud honestly nekkk it
  8. tell me whats on ur mind
  9. Lmao this is still funny, sad to see that he is still not a rank til this Day! That man tries too hard to be relevant
  10. We closed ur clan and I know thats The reason ur mad at us
  11. Agreed, ir quality is pretty shit
  12. @nawe broke sup today by pulling 35 stay ez supremacy lmao

    1. nawe


      pulled 50+ and walked u to singles doggie

  13. Mustafa

    Nawe wins again

    did what? everyone agreeing that supremacy is better?