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  1. Love these attention seeking topics
  2. Who is settlement? guy talks alot of shit for being bad lmao kid needs to get humbled
  3. what in the fuck are u talking about? we had no prep setup moron
  4. explain what? do u understand the difference between a 9v9 and a 28v28 not to mention we beat them 8-1 the next day too lmfao
  5. holy fuck ur so insecure l00l im not gonna tell u you can pull on ur hair all day long buddy
  6. u know what happend stop pretending also stop camping these forums and go get a hobby u loser
  7. yeh because u were in supremacy for 2 years right? stop acting like you know me u freak
  8. btw u got kicked from ur miniwar team for being bad l0l0l
  9. yeh u were definetly trolling in that video i totally believe u bro definetly did not sound like u were crying because ur no namer dog shit team that no1 has heard of got smoked l000l
  10. what more do i have to say to you? u literally cried on runescape lmfao ! no wonder vilchez bullied u out of supremacy holy fuck
  11. Do you really think any1 cares about what u say when there is a video of u crying on runescape? Id honestly take u a little bit more serious if u didnt sound like that
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