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  1. Few retireds, welcome 13d, Bodied, Lawi, and Riley as trials.
  2. Welcome Delhi, Feasted, and Reas as trials.
  3. Arro ~ Lee ~ Nate ~ Nawe ~ Robbyy ~ Stigi ~ Unreal ~ Unreal debut ~ Arro Stigi Nawe
  4. | Knockout is a P2P miniwar team originally founded by Nate and Robbyy in early 2017. We aimed to have a mix of people who had been in teams before along with experienced warrers who hadn't. Going through on and off times of being active in the scene while changing the roster up and adding new faces periodically, we are the longest standing open team while remaining competitive and dominant the entire time. We are currently invite only, but if you feel like you deserve a trial, pm Nate Beast#2634, Moni#8827, or robbyy#5580 to discuss. We look forward to any and all miniwars against the community! Feel free to join our discord to chill and/or ask for minis; https://discord.gg/GYxK4QV Founder Nate Robbyy Leader Nate Stigi Legend Moni Member Alex Arro Chad Duncan Lee Nawe Unreal Trial 13D Bodied Lawi Reas Riley Retired Drives Jyst Kai Marwan Nuts Ricke Varjo + many other past alumni Current Record: 187-9
  5. first set, they ran on tiebreaker to flex on sharkbrew where nobody cares
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