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  1. Halp

    weekend Supremacy Saturday Fist-fucking IR

    Thanks for the fights supremacy.
  2. Halp

    weekend Legacy F2P Saturday FT Sup,Fi,IR

    thanks for the clans that gave us action.
  3. Nicely done supremacy!
  4. Halp

    Legacy Vs Supremacy 11v11 P2P Mini 2-1

    ty for mini
  5. This subpar old timer is having a good time on RuneScape.com
  6. We created our own legacy @Mystic keep
  7. Fun trip thanks for the action everyone that came out
  8. Halp

    20 def movement?

    Create your own legacy
  9. Thanks for the action supremacy
  10. Legacy set out for our first official trip today peaking 92 glorious Spartans. Thank you to every clan that came out and gave us good pure on pure action! We're not going to describe our opinions on each individual fight, create your own opinion by watching the video. Killa POV JD POV Maaku POV Trajan POV Salvo POV Anton POV Andrew POV