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  1. It was a 52vs36 round 1 and a 55vs38 round 2 and one person wore mystic must be a big deal. I realize you're pretty slow irl but check the vid for opt counts dont just make some cringe assumption.
  2. Definitely one of the most fun preps I’ve been apart of in a while. Hoping to do this again maybe change up the rules a little bit. Thank you for the fun event cut throat!
  3. Halp

    Vendetta Loc?

    gz on ags maybe next time you can claim a win while you're at it.
  4. Halp

    Envy loc?

    This ^ Plus pretty sure Vendetta cleared sup 3 times the other day in pkris and now the prep win? How does SUP plan on closing anyone when they can't get a win in their current rivalry let alone against a brand new clan.
  5. I'm sure I don't see all aspects of this "rivalry" since I'm not apart of either clan. How ever this is not looking like a rivalry anymore just a slaughter fest.
  6. Strong performance VD! Expected win tbh.
  7. If you think any clan you were ever apart of ever competed with any clan I've ever been apart of you're completely delusional. You are no where near smart enough to compete.
  8. Halp

    Dk Derek opens fire

    God bless, if you ever wanted to deter someone from the clan scene show em this shit. main clans stop making cringe videos pls.
  9. Halp

    Tannie & Event Manager

    Ah yes the water boy of the community, Tannie was perfect for the spot though... what a shame.
  10. Halp

    I'll pay 100m to the winner.

    Did aao ever get paid when you said the winner of the aao / OB fight gets 100m