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  1. Halp

    hej outrage

    Uh oh
  2. Halp

    "Ly rs" cc - lvl 3-126 join now!

    Come on man you're in rage...
  3. Halp

    "Ly rs" cc - lvl 3-126 join now!

    god bless their clan is dog shit
  4. Listen bro I know you're not the smartest person but look at the front page of your forums
  5. Halp

    Has CD ever won a rivalry?

    @TBRis not smart enough to lead a clan CD was never good and will never be good. They will continue to supply the ENTIRE community with free wins. Reminder they lost in a 35v35 p2p prep with bp and pulled 12 to the only other prep they've ever had.
  6. @Dillon HowlettYour clan has now lost 15 rivalries and never won any hows it feel to be by far the easiest clan to kill to ever open on runescape.
  7. Cd legit going into the witness protection program l0l

  8. such an easy fight @TBR your clan is a punching bag for me you're too fucking easy bro
  9. Funny how CD piped up all week hyping up their members giving them hope of finally having a decent weekend trip, while legacy took the week off. No prep was needed for the destruction that was done to CD's clan today.