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  1. This isn't even sb worthy everyone just shit on you on your own post. Embarrassing...
  2. Tiny brain tyen stopped going to Fi’s trips and he’s your leader. Reminds me of an old fi leader last time zenith smashed em 🤣 not that many of them would understand their vets and elders left them due to piss poor leadership

  3. Hello pure world I’m here on behalf of your favorite legacy clan; fatality. their ranks forgot their aftermath, most of you know what happened so I’ll keep it short. fatality massed up 100 gamers after a rough Saturday trip in hopes to make up for the embarrassing F2p trip. although it took Fi an extra 30 mins to mass they were able to finally step into the wilderness. The beginning of the trip was not looking so bright for the green clan getting fully cleared multiple times by a big mountain clan. The trip started to look bright after foe ly and rage ended and decided to put on fi capes to help their favorite legacy clan. the remaining 6 hours fatality directed the pure community to teleport into certain death until the mountain drained every return set the legacy clan could afford. @Tyendinagathis topic was on the house, next week it’s gonna cost ya bucko.
  4. 4 clans had a joint trip and still no sb topic? Big fat yikes fatality thought you were a legacy clan. @Tyendinagamust not be smart enough to lead a pure clan on runescspe.com

  5. you're freaking out about a sotd meanwhile I farmed your clan for a total of 62m.
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