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  1. Fatality is not allowed in the wild.
  2. Looks like Fi's 2 weeks of posting on community sites is over again.

    1. Dimitri


      Attention whore, go charge your glory’s.

    2. Lee


      ? literally nobody uses this site anymore, nut up and fight us already

    3. Dillon Howlett

      Dillon Howlett

      This @Halpkid seems to have grown some balls all of a sudden LOL

  3. Halp

    weekend Fearless P2p Sunday taking on lpc scene

    Looked like a good trip
  4. cd v58 got networked by ace krave 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Halp


      you're losing a rivalry to purge...

    3. Dillon Howlett

      Dillon Howlett

      you're clearly losing brain cells i guess shit went downhill for you after doom eh

    4. Satans


      Stop being cringe lmao

  5. Forums link: https://legacy-rs.org/Discord: https://discord.gg/muQwQVCTeamSpeak Address: Ts.legacy-rs.org After an action packed Sunday and all the pure clans ending we decided we wanted more action and ventured into our caves with 25 later peaking 30 for some free loot. We ran into many clans and teams and have tons of solid action during our 4 hour long revs trip. Thank you IR, Fs, Dc, and the other teams for giving us clean fights in the caves.
  6. Ace krave is gonna kill Cd by himself lmfaoooo

  7. Halp

    Hows that for some damage? #CD

    @Ace Krave
  8. Halp

    Question of the day

  9. Halp


    Last time Cd opened you got bullied so bad you joined doom, oh wait haven't you guys opened like 3-4 times since then? How did those go?
  10. Halp


    Dog shit clans will use dog shit tactics in a desperate attempt to fight one clan. Extremely easy rivalry vs Fi, CD wouldn’t even call it a rivalry no one even knows who you are lmfao you open and close way to quickly every time for anyone to take you serious.
  11. Chris Collins isn’t coming back