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  1. Pasco

    announcement SharkBrew Mini Tournament

    TEAM NAME: Final Ownage Elite TEAM LEADER: Pasco & Arro CONTACT INFO (Discord, IRC, etc): Pasco#7373 or Arro#3766 TIMEZONE PREFERENCE: 5-6 EST Are you okay with the established default time? (If not, state your suggestion below); Yes What Category of 6v6 Tournaments will you be participating in? (Default, Oldschool, or Both): Both Option 1- Link your Memberlist for the tournament: (Max of 10 players): Pasco (i lick willy), Delhi(result), Giggs(fomcaves), Arro(hotba), Austin(pkri), Ar u there(ar u there), Drives(cybill), Moni(moni), K2P(phthethes), UTC(profit) Option 2- Write down the names of your players: (Max of 10 players)
  2. Pasco

    Leak's Graphics Shop

    One of the best GFX artists, bought awards signatures 10/10
  3. Pasco

    Supremacy Vs. IR 2-0 (small prep)

    Gj a big prep winner
  4. Pasco

    Picture perfect

    @Nerdylmfao good one bro
  5. Pasco

    Pups vs Apex Mini 2-0 Sets

    Ty 4 mini Apex, was fun Bash: Giggs:
  6. Pasco

    lpc DMK ~ P2P Team ~

  7. Pasco

    Clan Awards

    Most hated Most active community most toxic Best rivalry
  8. Pasco

    Gz pups

    pups always winning
  9. Pasco

    Foe vs Apex P2P Mini 4-1

    In before apex make 5 new hider accounts. also I can confirm this was so fkin easy, no wonder they avoid pups lmao