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  1. Lunarre

    midweek Fearless F2p Tuesday Cluster Ft R,Fi,LY,Cd,Sup

    was fun trip, grats oinkers. @bluegangster S0 still dead lol
  2. Lunarre

    hej pure world

    damn, right when I got pray & 60 attack few weeks ago. rip.
  3. was fun action, thank you. also @bluegangster S0 dead lol.
  4. Lunarre

    cwa Rage Vs Apex | F2P CWA FT100 | 2-0

    Looked fun, gz
  5. Lunarre

    70 Combat.

    Getting prayer to try out this clan Combat cap? Going to prod new low combat.
  6. Lunarre

    70 Combat.

    Looking for clan or F2P team (I can make a low combat pure too.)::
  7. Lunarre

    Why does nobody post on here.

    @Cody9204your sig bro.💀😂
  8. Grats. @Stompy l m f a o .
  9. Nice job, @Stompy & co. Wished xlpc was Saturday.
  10. Lunarre

    whats worse?

    i like to rag blue capes.
  11. Lunarre

    How bad is it?

    bad , I don't even wanna work on a lpc acc.