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  1. FakeNews Spotter


    lawl that clan history is awfull no wnder ur such sht 1bang u rly r jaja quality 2018 claner
  2. FakeNews Spotter

    Saturday - Crushing Ct X2

    Fake news sv pkd in erry timezone while kaka closd and stil do after tht sht rag clan opend but id expekt ths kinda sht intel frm a 2018 kaka rat
  3. FakeNews Spotter

    Saturday - Crushing Ct X2

    jaja talkin bout irls when they r by far the uglyest clan in rs lawl wht I spot fake news idk why u think u can lie 2 me. sv keep pkin in erry timezone while u no action but a 1 hr gmt alter trip that ends in tragady caues of retards like u LAAAAWWWL
  4. FakeNews Spotter


    Fake news and sht quality banter frm retard green rat tf u on bout imagin bein in kaka and cryin bout clans when u need to hav Jaja+eop+cumthroat+ba+rng+pissdead or u dont pk
  5. FakeNews Spotter

    Saturday - Crushing Ct X2

    pusc kaka too terrifed to leave there 1 hr gmt trip lmfao caues ded rag clan only pk when pissdead rng and cumthroat out otherwise they end LLLAWL
  6. FakeNews Spotter

    Saturday - Crushing Ct X2

    Again bein mad wont save ur ded clan Kaka pk 4 1 hour in gmt [while pissdead is in ur ts and cumthroat is out] then ur forced 2 end ur shitty alter trip while sv gets action in erry timezone lmao y do kaka look so ugly b tw
  7. FakeNews Spotter

    Saturday - Crushing Ct X2

    wit all this action sv isnt closin shit but the closet on ur lgbtq 3rd r8 rag clan despair came back to.. o wait despair didnt come back LAWL how does ur clan feel merging wit cumthroat rng ba and pissdead to compete wit sv
  8. FakeNews Spotter

    Jaja closing

    jaja realized they r ded last in p2p rank so they closd lmao jaja is sht as fk
  9. FakeNews Spotter

    Saturday - Crushing Ct X2

    heard u caled rng ba cumthroat and pissdead and ur council stil lost ags to sv laawwwl
  10. FakeNews Spotter

    Saturday - Crushing Ct X2

    Bulied ur momy clan get ovr it fag irony of kaka crying about another clan when they cal cumthroat pd ba and rng nd still get bulied by sv ur mor active on a pure clan forum than ingame lmao imagin tht #broken retard
  11. FakeNews Spotter

    Sovereign clean fight vs Lithuanians

    big threat from retarded green random, if only u meant what u say if u think showing up 45 min late to 30 min cap is makin an impact then ur exposin why ur the weakest clan nd y ur stuck in a joke rag clan [cuase ur retarded]
  12. FakeNews Spotter

    Sovereign clean fight vs Lithuanians

    why didn't u save momy cumthroat or dady pissdead a while we keep geting clean action and an easy win meanwhile ur clan post 4 pic propagnda topics Lawwl being mad wont save ur clan b tw Ded irelevant gmt only rag clan < sv
  13. FakeNews Spotter

    Sovereign clean fight vs Lithuanians

    Clen action wit liths and we bullied and ended ur momy clan cumthroat/pissdead 2x while u hav 4 kilpic topics and 9 man trip at alter that end wit ur captian losing elder maul in single Yeah caues rag rat jaja who no1 respect is competitve n teh clanworld Delusonal 2018 pker retard
  14. LMAOOO jaja quality

    [captain of jaja]


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    2. FakeNews Spotter

      FakeNews Spotter

      no1 cares fagy green rat lawl new ursel

      thimah tht make up makes u look like a ginny pig testin makeup in a lab hahaha 

    3. Cody9204


      I can't even understand your broken english anymore. Bye.

    4. FakeNews Spotter