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  1. P2P MULTI - August/September 2019 1. Revenant 2. Ancient Fury 3. Reign of Terror 4. JaJa/VR 5. Lil cards 6. DF 7. CL 8. Pk Klubas (Liths) 9. Vengeance (zerk clan) 10. Would either go to SV, Teamsweden or Legatus Empire. Atm all of these clans are amongst the same tier
  2. No: I remember you from Turmoil and was expecting a pretty good topic since I remember you as a dedicated gamer who wouldn't really get into flaming/retarded shit , looks like youve done that here though
  3. hahahahah rot is letting you die because they prefer sv
  4. P2P MULTI - July 2019 1. Revenant 2. Ancient Fury 3. Reign of Terror 4. JaJa/DF 5. DF/JaJa 6. CL 7. VR 8. SV 9. Vengeance (zerk clan) 10. Cutthroat
  5. Join a slave clan, and spy for an independant one Join SV/CT spy for Jaja Join SV/CT spy for Rev
  6. Funny to see @A1v1 & Friendssay another clan is relying on something else Relying on invites Break in a return fight Know your members wont last in a return fight lying to your members Are you talking about SV?
  7. lol a1v1 only allowed to kill pvmers and bolt for rot no wonder u struggle to pull 25 with 50 on ts LOL so u post about pures instead
  8. SV is dying a1 Rot and CT need your help, so slave for them Forced truce to keep your clan alive
  9. ahauheeuhuehu h uh hop to thixthy thix btw fawelin guys fawuiel innn!! thtop loothin othr ppls sthtuff like wtf faewl in
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