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  1. Zouafri

    pkri Killed ct again

    bragging about the only clan you're not allowed to call rot on lmfao the state of sv
  2. Zouafri

    pkri Killed ct again

    You can't win a crashwar with JaJa So you have to make ur members think ur in a crashwar with CT when it's really just "Alliance inners" lmfao
  3. Zouafri

    Sovereign - Most active, Most hated

    That aged well
  4. Zouafri

    midweek Vengeance A-squad running caves

    Easy for Vengeance
  5. Cannot wait for the moment your lispy ass makes rot+sv relations slip up and my clan will single handedly make half of your mass recruits leave within the first week of being in the "1v1" with JaJa you claim to want
  6. Zouafri

    New bh lure

  7. Zouafri

    pkri Sunday - Multi Spells Vs Ae

    53 ppl and max spam pic has 6 spams lmao
  8. Zouafri


    You should be nicer to your allies , afterall your only pking because of them