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  1. Zouafri

    Top 10 Main Clans 2018

    P2P MULTI - July 2019 1. Revenant 2. Ancient Fury 3. Reign of Terror 4. JaJa/DF 5. DF/JaJa 6. CL 7. VR 8. SV 9. Vengeance (zerk clan) 10. Cutthroat
  2. Join a slave clan, and spy for an independant one Join SV/CT spy for Jaja Join SV/CT spy for Rev
  3. Zouafri


    Funny to see @A1v1 & Friendssay another clan is relying on something else Relying on invites Break in a return fight Know your members wont last in a return fight lying to your members Are you talking about SV?
  4. Zouafri


    lol a1v1 only allowed to kill pvmers and bolt for rot no wonder u struggle to pull 25 with 50 on ts LOL so u post about pures instead
  5. SV is dying a1 Rot and CT need your help, so slave for them Forced truce to keep your clan alive
  6. listening to your teamspeak audio really fucking sucks (for me)
  7. A1V1 When rot show up SV members when Rot shows up
  8. ahauheeuhuehu h uh hop to thixthy thix btw fawelin guys fawuiel innn!! thtop loothin othr ppls sthtuff like wtf faewl in
  9. Plenty more to come. Enjoy
  10. yo a1v1 why do u sound like that
  11. How come your using chatlogs from 3rd June + April for a "spy paranoia" post Want me to post the rev ones @A1v1 & Friends?
  12. Zouafri

    weekend How not to crash a fight Ft Jaja

    Didn't call revenant Check your spies b4 u step up to me Jaja fought you cucks 1v3 , SV+DK+TS and you call rot over a few one itemers? really goes to show your member quality