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  1. Ct leader > https://pastebin.com/LLuCBgNe [05:57] <CandyClouds> i'd push you away, making you watch as i ran my hands down my body, over my breasts and down between my legs [05:57] <CandyClouds> rubbing my fingers along my slit, feeling myself getting wetter as you watched
  2. Sparze

    Team of Killers (ToK) 100+ PvP/Pvm

    Saw you guys in wildy few times, good luck!
  3. Sparze

    cwa (Pure)Apex vs cutthroat(main)

    Pathetic excuse for a clan CT or team whatever they are.
  4. If you have to listen to Lovelost or christy call than obviously pure clanning has better callers
  5. Sparze

    Jaja closing

    Jaja closed like 50 times in the last 10 years.
  6. Sparze


    Good luck nigga