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  1. VR wins again stay dead rot thanks for clean fight
  2. VR closed rot in 2011, do you want pictures of their closing topic? VR always wins
  3. lmao ROT so trash stay in ur moms basements. LOL lead by a Brazilian MUTE who cant use mic because he sounds more 4ner than your local 7 11 cashier
  4. Rot cleared in game as well as on the topic CYA VR wins again~
  5. LOL VR always wins. Rot closed 2 times first time closed to turn into a team to mass join Corruption ( LMAO ) and second time when they got enough beating from VR 2 - 0
  6. If rot closed my clan I would also be salty and spam their fan site topics
  7. LMAO you leaked VR ts but still got cocked and closed LMAOOOOO
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