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  1. With stats like that, you might be better off joining an XLPC if there's any left
  2. Because they're Mmmmmmmmmmmm great!
  3. I'm all for this if it works out! I like leagues and organized competition!
  4. I would like to see this in a perfect world, however we all know the clans that won't prep each other still won't. Or, they won't prep certain clans and because of this say they're tied for #1 or whatever someone could possibly think up. I would love to see this system work though
  5. I mean I don't agree with what he's doing by any means, but he does have a point. If we're trying to push for updates, I feel like openly being sponsored by gold selling sites doesn't do us justice.
  6. Don't totally understand this meme, but the section in the movie is funny lol
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