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  1. had nothing to do with FOE lmfao stop thinking your clan did anything
  2. FI and EOP. No one mentions Supremacy since they were never good so....
  3. Why's FOE talking about this shit when it had nothing to do with FOE but Apex? LOL retards
  4. nice one, make you and your site look even worse than it is already, good choice.
  5. shows FOE had 20 mains. also FOE has had help from SUP for how long?
  6. Just stop. You're clearly just making yourself look more biased against IR, for Supremacy.
  7. ok let me put it this way, few high paying jobs will force you to work weekends especially immediately. i work in PE and yes I will work Sat/Sun but this is also at times of my choosing, often traveling or rerunning numbers. You're gonna ask PST'ers/some EST to take a day off on Friday over maybe a gas station or grocery store or Starbucks job on Saturday?
  8. If you're so uninformed why make a topic? Cause you clearly don't even know how it started lmao Yeah Apex is a clanwars clan, don't deny that clan wars has always been and will be the pinnacle of quality in clanning because it takes quantity out of the equation. And that there's 0 chance of mains.
  9. I'm sure they cane take 1 Saturday off from work.
  10. As long as Sharkbrew continues to just support Supremacy, the biggest hypocrites, SB will never be taken seriously lmao
  11. lol you're too optimistic. this shit has been going on for maybe 8 years now.
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