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  1. Is it because they don’t post on his website? Hes hating on them for mass recruiting from sand crabs, but he’s one of the first people to say we need fresh blood in the community, how else can we have that besides recruiting? Disgusting.
  2. Lol bro you’re so fucking dumb, mass recruiting brings people into the community moron.
  3. Hey man, you never went above veteran in any clan you’ve been in 😂😂😂 embarrassing
  4. Can anyone redirect me to Vandettas Saturday topic? Kids were returning with 23 ingame to my 70 lmfao
  5. Ye EnVy had a good 60 mains today, was fun
  6. Oh yeah I agree, no one will ever take blame, it's disgusting lmfao
  7. some random who rides envys nuts lfmaooo
  8. Wait Sybren, is it a coincidence that the clans that bring mains first, are the ones that complain?
  9. I brought 63 mains Vs Vandetta today and you can't stop me
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