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  1. I hope these new gatekeepers do not power abuse in the discord.
  2. I was reading the EOP leak and then browsed the condensed version IR consolidated. I only recently came back, but it looks like some of these ranks from Phoenix that have been working hard in Supremacy are upset at the lack of credit they're getting. Except for that Salso guy they seem to not be NH unlike other current supremacy kids. Do you think Phoenix should reopen? I'm in favor of more clans over less clans myself.
  3. I've been getting back into the game recently. I saw someone post this in the discord. Pretty funny...especially after all the topics about mains.
  4. If this is accurate then it looks like IR hired Tannie only to hit SUP mains. Tannie told SUP not to bring mains and then they brought them anyways? I've not care much about this rivalry, but it looks like that would put SUP in the fault. I agree hiring anti-rag is a bit extreme, but if Tannie was not there to hit pures then it seems harmless and a decent preventative measure.
  5. So if a SB rank has an unrelated debt of 5.5M and someone cries about it they get demoted temporarily, but if you are a SB rank and talk about all of the mains you are going to bring to use against pures then it is all good. Am I missing something here?
  6. My takeways: 1. Never ask Slush for advice. That guy is pretty dumb. 2. If you are owed money, then they should pay you back. 3. It did seem like a dox threat initially which is over the line for a few gp, but again it should be paid back. 4. Associating yourself with Borzor is not a great look. Surprised Foe even took a guy with baggage like that back, but I suppose this is 2k18.
  7. We really need a poll not for education levels, but for reading comprehension skills. The average on this site would be about 5th grade level.
  8. Why did Foe leak audio of IR pushing them from CA to level 3? I'm so confused.
  9. The quality of the first 7 posts compared to the first 7 posts of this topic from 2014 should be extremely telling about the state of pure clanning in 2018.
  10. I stumbled upon this topic. Unlike most topics I see on here these days, it was not full of flame and bait. How do we think things have changed since the posts in 2014-2015 and the few 2017 additions?
  11. The second picture seems to be a bit misleading because it cuts off a portion which can be seen in the third picture. The cut off portion says, "[A] rival pure clan is using mains against us (multi logging) and we're looking for a main clan to kill their mains". Does any actually care if someone hires a main clan to kill other mains?? I don't have a dog in this race, but it seems counter intuitive to be upset if someone hires mains to kill other mains. Especially if the other mains are associated with a pure clan via double loggging.
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