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  1. Betty_R3D

    What's Envy's next move?

    Lmfao is envy going so low these dayss l0l
  2. Betty_R3D

    pure account XLPC / LPC

    Looking for a 'active' XLPC or LPC Clan that does events weekly and trips in weekends...
  3. Damnn OB got smacked lmfao
  4. Betty_R3D

    main CD ?

    fs = cd 2.0 lmfao mains in clan wars nice
  5. Betty_R3D

    main CD ?

    "dicked in clw" lmaooo no action for your mains go close already
  6. Betty_R3D

    main CD ?

    CD so bad to get other clans in their cape?
  7. Looking for a most F2P lpc clan... (cb 78 atm) https://gyazo.com/a51ee87438cf899f6e10dd3bea84a762
  8. Well i dced rip otherwise perfected gjj bois
  9. Betty_R3D

    not counted Envy vs Fearless | Midweek PK

    The best one that ever came
  10. Betty_R3D

    not counted Envys f2p tuesday ft, D, FS, T, DP

    Youre a snake