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  1. Imagine supporting a team thats a first round exit l0l, can't relate #RaptorsEra

    1. 'Jamie


      we the north baby

    2. MAGICfrmda6


      We gonna smoke the shit out of Philly 

  2. MAGICfrmda6

    pkri Fearless Friday pkri vs Apex

    l0l delusi0nal again, btw tell m0mmy to dress up in her easter bunny c0stume s0 she can suck this hard l0ng dick l0l !
  3. Im the fuckin bully nigga 

  4. MAGICfrmda6

    pkri Fearless Friday pkri vs Apex

    sm0ked y0ur m0mmys fat pussy ! haha ug1y
  5. MAGICfrmda6

    Fearless vs Critical Damage [10v10 F2P MiNi] 2-1

    shife is a disgusting black Haitian poor freak !
  6. MAGICfrmda6


    Zoom * #1
  7. MAGICfrmda6


  8. MAGICfrmda6


    l0l zoom closed fh was very easy
  9. Zoom closed Team Blitz, was very easy 

  10. MAGICfrmda6

    i cant help it

  11. MAGICfrmda6

    daeva doxing onslaught members?

    tell that shawty to holla at a handsome nigga
  12. Not much to say besides that FH got dicked on by Daddy Zoom Is this even a rivalry ? ... Its way too easy @Lankz POV Shy King POV @Koldkilla97POV
  13. MAGICfrmda6

    70 Combat.

    Zoom taking applications, send your resume in we are 64-66cb
  14. Imagine losing a return fight when you bums have like 7 alt accounts waiting at CA 😂 Embarassing Trip Consisted of Zoom giving FH the Big Daddy Dick We Don't OFF Btw @SupersSmokePOV
  15. Zoom taking applications, send your resume in and we'll see if you're a suitable candidate ! From our 2 day rest counting our GUAP, we quickly massed up 10 hood niggas on this Sunday Evening to destroy FH/FakeFH/HiderFH/Level 3 Sitting FH/1 bang FH FH Peaked at 4, and got stomped on by BIG DADDY DICK ZOOM lmfao so baby food. Refer to Vid for some Laughs PS. F2P HyBUMS, I don't wanna see you infants stepping into Zooms wildy again @SupersSmokePOV
  16. Zoom = Best F2P Shooters

  17. MAGICfrmda6

    weekend W8 Belongs to ZOOM ft. F2P HyBUMS, ZEN, ATL, And XL

    FH bout to get this big daddy dick looool
  18. MAGICfrmda6

    Team Zoom Vs ATL [2-1] F2P Mini

    @SupersSmoke POV
  19. MAGICfrmda6

    Just kill the Rags

    gz on #2 spot, bobbie kids embarrassing themselves with tanks
  20. Dear Fake FH, Stop piping up to BIG DICK ZOOM when 1) Alll you kids sit below level 3 wildy 2) Crash 10 seconds later 3) Hide like Bunch of little Bitches You kids will get the Zoom treatment just like Blitz got in 2017 Anyways, Zoom massed up 6 youngins later peaking to 10 to DOMINATE W8 once again Had Fights with multiple teams mostly clusters, got clear on everyone and it wasn't hard at all Enjoy ... Shy King Pov
  21. MAGICfrmda6

    I'm looking for XLPC clan is very popular

    xlpc is ded jus like shifes sex life lmf0
  22. MAGICfrmda6

    Team Zoom Vs ATL [2-0 In Sets] F2P Mini

    Thanks For Mini Shy King Pov
  23. MAGICfrmda6

    Fearless LPC - F2P Legacy Clan

    im laf at u, you will never ever be a fs rank again l0lz. 100 words isn't an essay l0lz go get an education u bum