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  1. LMFAO imagine It’s funny because even Vengeance laugh at Paragon behind their backs! Embarrassing 😂
  2. Calls somebody a ‘restard’ after telling them they can’t accept their faith.. faith.. faith.. FAITH???? I THINK MY GUY MEANS FATE! Watch the ‘sorry typo’ excuse come out to cover up my guy didn’t make it past his ABCs 😂
  3. lmfaooooo easy again
  4. Miltz

    Resurgence Sunday Out Ft. Veng/Vitality/SV/AE

    Fucking easy #1 continues
  5. FORUMS | DISCORD So tonight we massed up the playaaaaas and got into it starting at Altar and moving to Caves. Honestly we didn't bump into anybody of any note or any quality except Rendual and his band of merry men. We took ALOT of loot, getting over 100 kills throughout the night, you can imagine it added up. Was a lot of fun and the boys made bank, not sure what else to say! Looking forward to the rest of the bracket stepping out into the wild! 😄
  6. FORUMS | DISCORD Threw a little $$$ event up on the calendar for the boys. We've had some real luck and success on this in the past and this proved to be no different. We spun some PVMers heads off and the unfortunate PKers that hopped into our world. Towards the start a mace team attempted to try and snatch a +1 off of us. They were very unsuccessful donated some huge bank to us in the process! In the middle of the trip we got two ancient item drops nearly back to back. Grats to @verts @Green Arrow @Miltz on the bank loot. Thanks to all 20+ who came out!
  7. Miltz

    Resurgence vs Vengeance - 25min Cap

    Ty for fights Veng decent performance!!!
  8. FORUMS | DISCORD We approached PR late last week about some action and ended up agreeing on a PKRI. With our tight scheduling on this Sunday, we managed to push up our fight and get double action. Part 2 coming soon. The match was a 30 minute cap with multi spells on. We quickly made work of each pile and transitioned through the fight cleanly for an easy win. Thanks for the the fight PR!
  9. FORUMS | DISCORD A week ago I PMed the ranks of Liths and set up a single spells fight. We agreed on normal rules and both class massed up matched ops. Both clans spammed and performed quite well, very fun fight tbh. Team Shitten crashed the fight 3x but managed to lose a staff in the process and fed our boys. Thanks for the +1s TS! After this we went to Caves where multiple clans PMed us Vengeance's locs. We decided not to crash their fight vs VR, but scouted them 3x afterwards and smoked them each time. Great job today Surgeons.
  10. FORUMS | DISCORD Sadly a certain clan who's members got a little lippy didn't pull over 10 people to go pk today. Sadly we got no community here so we didn't do anything tonight. Just kidding, we massed up 20 and went to scorpia and had an insane time. Made fucking bank and got some sicks drops. Pretty good for a clan with no community! Surgeons win again btw 😜