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  1. Holy smokes what fun was had. Tonight we massed for our routine evening PK trip. We called up around 15 men, peaking at 20 later into the evening. We hopped from Altar, to Revs and even strayed as far as new gate to take out a few lonely pures. But it wasn't until we'd ENDED that the RS godz slid into my DMs to let me know that Vengeance were coming out to play. Now in fairness, we'd just ended so thought fuck it let's see if people want it.. they did. We massed up 12 large units and headed to caves where Vengeance were rumoured to be PKing.After finding them, they proceeded to run, fair enough they weren't prepared. But about 10 minutes later they sent one of their big fellas to show they wanted some action, so we obliged. After following them north, surviving their weird attempt at a gwas and forcing them back to singles, we asked if they'd fight us but they declined. Fine, no stress there, but I guess we take the W? Good effort for trying to get some members together Vengeance we appreciate the attempt. Can't wait till you guys are ready to have some scraps with us, there is plenty of fun to be had! VIDEO Some light-hearted footage of the above. Return of the Kings.
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    Wednesday: Clearing SV 2x FT Rot

    Niceeeeeeee gj
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    Tuesday - Sweep

    Gj on AGS
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    Vengeance Canadian Wednesday - Profit Pking

    You guys are killing it RN good shit
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    Saturday: Hunting & Demoralising SV

    Sickkkkkkkkkkkk gj!
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    Monday - Sweep

    Easy loot!
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    WG Goes Macing - 90m Loot

    Good to see WG still at it
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    Vengeance Vs Destiny Wildy PKRI

    Well done fellas!