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  1. 30 people 5 people with kill pics lol teach em about sharex.
  2. Sybum

    Forum/twitter clans

    people still play rs?
  3. Not as cringe as your TS lmao
  4. Hello vengeance what are you guys doing?
  5. Sybum

    weekend Resurgence's Saturday GMT Sweep

    A who remake? Imagine using my own brandings against me 🤣 Your leader boards were cringe as shit dude....you guys are literally 5 steps back at all times. Now back to playing victim on a video game.
  6. Sybum

    Exposing Vengeance: Part I

    @Sybren @Prefade @Zewyyou guys tired of playing the victim yet?
  7. Sybum

    weekend Supreme Friday!

    Look at this cuck trying to slime his way in like usual.
  8. Sybum

    cwa Vengeance vs Team Potent 3-0 CWA

    @OrigenI broke you. Veng is busy playing victim and won't make a change about it because they are complacent with being average and avoiding any sort of real competition in or out of the wild.
  9. @Siegeyou wanna do a pkri or a cwa or continue to play victim? Imagine being in a clan that plays fucking victim online.
  10. Sybum

    midweek Vengeance GMT Shows Superiority

    So you guys offering a CWA? Or just gonna sit there and keep your victim mindset?