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  1. You wanna do a cwa or a low level run in so mains cant help? Or you too busy playing the victim and crying?
  2. Yo you should see Emily @Origencrying in my pms 😂😂 @Sybren thoughts?
  3. Lol ok mike 😂😛😛😛
  4. Your name is Emily stop talking 😂😂😂 I'll take that as a no you chubby chaser.
  5. Anyone seen team vengeance?

  6. Is this where I ask where was veng? Lmao.
  7. Yeah I would be upset too if I listened to a man like @Sybrenon an online game. 😂
  8. You act like this online to make up for lack of being a man when it counts. You literally chose a video game over your own child. 😂😂
  9. Lmao no wonder why she left your weird ass
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