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  1. Papa Pacson

    Resurgence vs Vengeance - 25min Cap

    Gf veng. Clean fight
  2. Papa Pacson

    Resurgence's Wednesday Wildy Sweep

    Easy work laddies
  3. Papa Pacson

    Veng Night Out Ft. Carnage + LOOT

    Gratz nice work veng.
  4. Papa Pacson

    Vengeance [GMT] Runs The Caves And Makes Bank

    Nice work. Hit us up next tym your out for a lil more action or team the main clans
  5. Papa Pacson

    Paragon's Monday FEAST ft. Torture/MOP

    Good work fellas.. Looking forward to the day we battle it out
  6. What happened to veng? It's been a week
  7. Papa Pacson

    Paragon’s Thursday

  8. Papa Pacson

    Resurgence Friyay | Chillin' n Killin' Kids

    Imagine one clan running the wild for 24Hours. We did it.. Uncontested.... Is everyone on those unrestricted worlds or something? Lol...
  9. Papa Pacson

    Zerk/Tank/Med Scene Revival

    We should have a set roaster of events with other clans in the scene. Keep it friendly and fun. Would be fun to have matched ops fights once or twice a week. Regardless of the outcome we should all be working together to lift the scene up and even team when we know there's bigger clans out. Would make pking a whole lot more funnier and easier. Plus I don't think there's anything to lose but rather gain experience and friendship. Let's all work together for the sake of the game! Nothing but LOVE.
  10. Papa Pacson

    Resurgence Late EST Feast [50m+]

    Knitting nannas have made enough to feed their hungry grandchildren. Not going hungry this month lads. Bills paid on time..
  11. Papa Pacson

    Resurgence early GMT sweep | Taking over caves

    We always eating
  12. Papa Pacson

    Resurgence's Wednesday Hunt Ft. Vengeance Exploded

    Crikey Mate. Bunch of skellywags. Ya boys got Smeshed...
  13. Papa Pacson

    Resurgence's Monday Money Making Madness 50m+ [HOT][FRESH]

    Smoking hot. Good bangs fellas