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  1. Papa Pacson

    pkri Resurgence Smacking Singles Queens Ft. Vanguard

    Veng is in a whole lot of trouble.. Lol
  2. Papa Pacson

    midweek Resurgence's Monday GMT Sweep [125m+ loot]

    Another easy day for Res.
  3. Papa Pacson

    Exposing Vengeance: Part I

    Another excuse. Rip Veng
  4. Res clan killer
  5. Easy work for Res.
  6. Veng scared to go multi incase they get gwasd lmfao.
  7. We eat brother. Pm for a way out
  8. Every time we fight you make excuse after excuse as to why you lost? Just take the L and improve your ratty brainwashed followers. Remember the 3-0 in cwa? Veng is crumbling like a house of cards! SpyScape 2k19, In b4 Veng closing topic xD
  9. Flametard warrior. Pm for a way out

  10. Imagine being so desperate that you have pm all of our members to spy. And even have your babysitting hillbilly uncles PD do the same thing!!! "Help me help you" nice one traeway. Remember the Kings have retaken the throne. Every weekend btw