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  1. 6 v 14 first run in and you didn't want to fight after that in multi when we gained more opt likes 5 mins latter. Nonetheless looking forward to you guys slowly growing balls to fight us in multi. gf
  2. Its fun when veng fights back in multi, to bad it never lasts long though...
  3. Veng stop hiding singles after every time we find you in multi. Its getting really old, I don't know how you can even claim to be the better clan. when you never even attempt to fight back in multi. You just move to a singles location every time. But that does not stop us from finding you if you couldn't already tell.
  4. Lmao at freaking out like the kill was like 100m+
  5. Damn veng why you dip so fast when we login? Didn't even mass up in your own timezone....
  6. gz looking at your loot pics, does vr only have 3 people in it?
  7. Yep and even that they have trouble with sometimes lol. I find it funny when veng say they beat pure teams being down opts. Like its not suppose to happen from med level builds.
  8. And that is why veng you never come into multi at altar when you see us there lmao. Stick to your singles trips and pking at rev entrance.
  9. lol at bunk using paint for screenshots and not getting the other ags pic
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