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  1. I logged in today expecting a fight vs a decent clan. Instead i ended your trip and 4-0ed you.
  2. Why are all these new clans trying xl so hard, we have continously been open since 2010 and never closed once.. while all you clans come and go. What makes you think we wont bully you even when its just me, hon0r and his wheelchair???

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    2. Brock Lesnar

      Brock Lesnar

      xl is ass youll close next week

    3. Abyssalwtf


      Just because we stopped using sharkbrew or pure warfare or whatever was going in at the time didnt mean we ever closed lmao

    4. Juicy


      xl closes multiple times a year, always trash quality/using mains. get guud for once.

  3. Xl average cmb is mid 30s and we literally bullied you all day. Im going to close you clan.
  4. First time playing rs in years and we peaked at 60 people today and maintained 45+ all day. Xl #1 clearly :) gj to all the clans out there today it was fun boys "plan 2 die" cc if interested in a lvl 30-40s clan

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    2. Jamie ツ

      Jamie ツ

      good looks xL, good luck guys

    3. Big Bad Eagle

      Big Bad Eagle

      Xl is my favorite snipe team of all time

    4. Pkeru


      Lmao wdf is this. Topic up soon

  5. Its all in the past bro, no hate. <3
  6. All our accounts got unbanned but i forgot my password :/ was it for leaking sk members passwords ?
  7. Lets go boys lets show them why xl will always be #1
  8. Holy shit its been a minute! Lee from #animalfriends haha what its been 10 years since those times ?
  9. Niblet,im sobeast, kirby, i0ny and rajj will always be my favorite prodigies
  10. What ever you say maater moni Hon0r plays but idk abour niblet, we lost contact after 2016. Thank you!! We will bring 100+ new people to the pure community like we always did.
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