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  1. Big Bad Eagle

    The greatest crossover event in history...

  2. @Opticals8b6a98577de3dbe6226107230d123b16.png

    come back home man! I hate seeing you like this...

  3. must suck to be in a clan with paracommando. every clan he joins closes within a year l0l

  4. Big Bad Eagle

    what apex needs

  5. Big Bad Eagle

    watfuk is this lmao

  6. already pulling more than Apex, sick!
  7. and just like that Apex is dead
  8. Big Bad Eagle

    Greatest day in history.

    @Shiekhchill out man. Lots of haram from you
  9. Big Bad Eagle

    Monday: GMT Ownage (RoT Minion's Smoked)

    JaJa #1
  10. Big Bad Eagle

    pure Nox #1 recruiter

  11. Big Bad Eagle

    Fo keeps donating

    ty for stod apec
  12. Big Bad Eagle

    It's like magic

    pathetic just like @Cleezyfat ass
  13. Big Bad Eagle

    warning to all clans

    good guys CD saved the scene from nh clan apec
  14. @Opticalscan you confirm that indeed your clan Apex got clapped so hard that you decided to go p2p pking instead l0l

    1. Cody9204


      FOpticals stopped returning for a good hour lmfao and only came back in the last 2 minutes.