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  1. Big Bad Eagle

    It's like magic

    pathetic just like @Cleezyfat ass
  2. Big Bad Eagle

    warning to all clans

    good guys CD saved the scene from nh clan apec
  3. @Opticalscan you confirm that indeed your clan Apex got clapped so hard that you decided to go p2p pking instead l0l

    1. Cody9204


      FOpticals stopped returning for a good hour lmfao and only came back in the last 2 minutes.

  4. Big Bad Eagle


    fake ending lmfao
  5. Big Bad Eagle

    some1 update me plz

    yeh FOE won lol
  6. Yup Apec is broken lmfao. Cya next weekend for another ass whooping.

    1. Cleezy


      Last Sunday: Fo too scared to show up to P2P fullout

      This Sunday: Fo gets walked like dogs to ditch, was very easy



    2. LIT-Files


      Thats a losing vid r u dumb LOl

    3. Cleezy


      Fo was first to leave the wilderness, after 7 hours fo broke and went to the ditch. Non bias opinion Apex won.


  7. Big Bad Eagle

    Very sad doxer clan!

    naaldo scared lol
  8. Big Bad Eagle

    Apex Scared?

    lol cya next weekend idiot
  9. Big Bad Eagle

    Apex Scared?

    @Cleezyyou poor delusional loser l0l
  10. Big Bad Eagle

    showcase Pot head siggy

  11. Big Bad Eagle


    yo smd apec lol
  12. The Eagles feasted on sharks today! Ready for the main course tomorrow :D

    1. H I T T A

      H I T T A

      At least eop used to fight back sometimes. This was just a walk around the park with our little puppies apex. They ran away the entire time.

  13. Big Bad Eagle

    Speak Up Rats.

    man im tired from walking those sharks up and down the wildy lol