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  1. Yak01/24/2019 Ready for purge to close for the 14th time? Deleted User01/24/2019 so whats wrong with u then? Deleted User04/22/2019 @Yak Yak04/22/2019 yo Deleted User04/22/2019 slush told me pm u for unban on sb disc u banned me like year ago or something Yak04/22/2019 And? Deleted User04/22/2019 so i pmed u Can i get unban now @Yak why did u ban me @Yak @Yak @Yak @Yak Deleted User04/24/2019 @Yak Hey friend can you unban me Deleted User10/30/2019 hey friend oh u was the guy who banned me from SB, no hard feelings Yak10/30/2019 why are you pming me Deleted User10/30/2019 Feel you dislike me so im trying to be nice Yak10/30/2019 I don't like scammers, that is correct. Deleted User10/30/2019 I understand but 90% of people would of done it even tho thats no excuse my intentions are competing and getting action competitive spirit btw guests can see members applications on ur forums seems like they can reply Yak10/30/2019 Are you trying to join? Deleted User10/30/2019 Yes Yak10/30/2019 Have you talked to a HC+? Deleted User10/30/2019 I am yea seems like I'll be fine to join with my people Yak10/30/2019 They'll have to agree to that. How many people do you have. Deleted User10/30/2019 a lot of people in RS are some of my old timers well u got 4 of them already probably 10-15+ that are mostly my oldschools+ so people i consider core Yak10/30/2019 Ly didn't work out? Deleted User10/30/2019 ly full of screamers/clowns/ghetto/keyboard bashers they lack moderation My guys are total opposite we are chilled and focused Yak10/30/2019 That's Fair, not sure how I feel about your history of leak/scamming though Seems like a lot of risk on our part Deleted User10/30/2019 I'm not asking anyone to trust me Or respect me Just want to compete get some action and somewhere for my people something long term
  2. I'd recommend a channel called #lpc-information, #main-information etc etc. In those channels have a bot where you can say +info the bot will then populate a list to choose from i.e 1 - foe 2- fi 3- rage etc, after selecting a number to receive info from, it'll post the section of text you want them to see. i.e: [Clan Name] [Discord Invite] [SB Recruitment Topic Link] [Clan Forum Link] [Uniform]
  3. was going to write a comment, but I just saw this disgusting ass cursor. what the fuck is this
  4. Not closed, and Ace Krave loses again. Dumb rat
  5. Literally too easy lmao
  6. Valor prepared for a skate off against some Gorillas and Weebs but unfortunately they didn't pull up. We decided to pull up to the skate park unannounced with 43 skaters ready to kick flip over the competition. We rolled up seeing Supremacy, Apex, and Fatality doing some sick grinds off the rail so we decided to do hella 1080's over their bitch asses over the pond south of the 13 Ports. After shock and aweing them into singles multiple times, we saw the judges give us strict 10s across the board and rolled out of there after we finished our round. After realizing that we qualified for the finals for the Pure Warfare Skateboard Freestyle competition, we were faced up against Supremacy in the finals. Fatality being jealous of being outclassed for a brand new clan decided to hit Supremacy before we could get to them. After some quick kick flips and handplants, we pushed Fatality to singles as retribution for interrupting our show down. We showed up for our final showdown against Supremacy. After quickly gaining the upper hand over these gamers with our sick tricks on the quarterpipe, Fatality got jealous once again and tried to crash. These skaters don't even know how to kickflip and we pushed them out of the fight easily. Video by @r g We make our official appearance to F2P in 2 weeks! If you want to get in on the action, intro today!
  7. Today, Valor showed up with 39 big dick warriors to their scheduled First to 100 Kills Prep vs. Fatality. It was a back and forth battle until the very end where we secured the final kill to win 100-99. Thanks for the fight Fatality. Video by @`Joey Video by @rly Video by @Bryan 5
  8. Thanks for the Fight Terminal, was good action. Rd 3 was a nail biter as well!
  9. First Round - Win 25 Start 20 - Valor 0 - Terminal Second Round - Win 26 Start 18 - Valor 0 - Terminal Third Round - Lose 27 Start 0 - Valor 9 - Terminal @r g @rly @Jackal @H2K
  10. Clan Valor val·or /ˈvalər/ noun great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle. Rank Team Leader H2K Chain Junior Drunk High Council Joey Bryan Novak Yak Officer Gilded Kaz Pkown Nishi Discord: https://discord.com/invite/e27u9Qv Teamspeak3: ts.clan-valor.com Forums: https://www.clan-valor.com/
  11. We contacted Legacy for a PKRI since we were out PKing with 15. Legacy accepted and we massed up 18 Shooters to go hit them, We started off down opts but quickly turned the tides around and Peaked at 30 Resistance Members. Within 5 Minutes we had taken control of the fight and had Legacy running around the chaos temple like chickens. We knew they were waiting for some other clans to come, We had them down to 5 members ingame running opposite directions. Fatality answered the call for help and came with 5 of their brainless jobless monkeys to come snipe in 1 item. We cleared Legacy up one more final time and caught a spam. Thanks Legacy for the "cleanish" PKRI BLNT to FATALITYspending your holiday season living in our shadows.  
  12. thank you for the very respectable fights
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