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  1. When your leadership closes your clan due to quitting the game then apps to another clan 12 hours later, thats when you know your clans terrible haha #justubthings

  2. If they can't decide on a new name, at least they have 12 other versions to go back on
  3. The only time that clan had any shred of success was when they were bullied into lpc by EOP and competed against bv hassan and xl honor for #1 matched lpc l000l
  4. Interesting to see FoM taking the rivalry out of game, I don't think they saw the results of fl trying that against rot lol haha

    1. Law Abiding Citizen

      Law Abiding Citizen

      It's disappointing to see sharkbrew's own moderator @holydreams taking part in taking the rivalry out of the game lol...

    2. YouActuallyThought


      @Law Abiding Citizen lmfao Foe so desperate they trying to mass join aao cc 

  5. Another version of tlp ran into the ground by terrible leadership, it really was easy haha....

    1. Killer Kamal

      Killer Kamal

      ur justin beiber asf lmfao they took a W by not playing in this dead scene in this dead era

    2. hotguy


      im still better than all of you hehehe

  6. Is this teds FoM or your FoM we're talking about here, it's been hard to tell since you were demoted to veteran by a warlord whos peak power is mcp on forums
  7. Isn't this a [Main] topic lol? Someone removed the tag lol

    And why is it locked, just because it was proven sup are a main clan doesn't mean people cant post and laugh at them...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. SkrtSkrt


      So you resorted to mains cuz @hotkeying was slamming you in the rivalry? 

    3. Backstabbed



      who the fuck is hotkeying again

    4. SkrtSkrt


      @Backstabbed a young rich white and handsome member of legacy clan IR

  8. @Ted confirmed bringing mains to his era lol and still loses the rivalry to EOP l00l nice 35 pulls to saturday and gj getting smoked on sunday FoM hahhahaha

    1. Pauna
    2. Bizo


      @moni pls tell me who this virgin is

  9. lmfao theres more FoM members leaving than there is sinks for @Ted to break after more weekends of @17_ putting teds era in the dirt l00l

  10. Didn't unbreakable declare a rivalry prep against EOP and when EOP responded, unbreakable avoided it (it's been 4 months without a reply lol). ahaha mfw someone in a slumping cw clan thinks pure clanning rivalries are based off of miniwars in a safe environment with training wheels on l0l this is why these beta clans will never amount to anything
  11. apex situation room after teaming with FoM on EOP and getting smoked l00l 663d515ce03f8b11121773f2fdd68384.png

  12. kyp @Nixon apex got sealed up into a can of smoked tuna just like ur topic wahahha

  13. isnt ryan that dropout who keeps on making xlpcs like hes some kind of hassan and keeps closing them because hes too busy needing to study for 9th grade
  14. I saw EOP play FoM and lure them into fighting, and then EOP bulldozed FoM until FoM teled to edge in defeat ahahahaha what an easy day for EOP the Legends of P2P
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