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  1. @Fazing Should never of pipe'd up to mother AAO lmfao you gimp
  2. @Control Pker @Pony lmfao keep watching us win and win while you lose members l0l0l0l ded clan
  3. Join up lmfao before it's to late apprently we doxer clan whaha
  4. @slushpuppehyou going to ban AAO from sb yet ? lmfao ur a pussy nice income l0l
  5. Yeah we lion btw easy smoke 3-0 perfected etc @Whisky
  6. @Kim Should not let this continue take action against Phil or others will.
  7. dude lmfao you been hiding the past month from mother AAO, dont pipe up lmfao your clan pull 20s on weekends so stfu
  8. mfw sup cant pull enough and goes in same cape with PX damn bottom tier clans PX /SUP competing yet again for that #10 l0l
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