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  1. Good job to both clans. Grats FOE on the win!
  2. @Kyedeserved. Gj, keep up the great work! Also like the ELO Table @slushpuppywell done!
  3. Good shit to both clans. Well done.
  4. Phebz the man, good job on the guide buddy.
  5. I dont get much content given to me - not like before anyway e.g. screenshots, slogans, ideas etc. so I have to fill up the empty spaces in some way.
  6. If you need any services drop a forum PM or msg on Discord: KomodoByte#0833 Anything else can be found on http://komodobyte.com/
  7. What have I missed?

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    2. Deserie


      fo lost a p2p prep 0-3 to IR two weeks ago, almost lost a P2P prep v.s. LY last week, and have cancelled their past 2 Saturday trips l0000l

    3. Proccy


      fi and cd losing a 2v1 rivalry to legacy rn

    4. Dillon Howlett

      Dillon Howlett

      @Proccyimagine trying to force a fake alliance to hype up your clan LOL

      Your invites won't stay long i can't wait for legacy closing topic

  8. Always like the name Paragon, not sure why xd Nice trip gj.
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