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  1. Lenin

    announcement Promotions - Alan Rickman

    Congratulations buddy.
  2. Lenin

    Paragon's Weekend Out

    Always like the name Paragon, not sure why xd Nice trip gj.
  3. Lenin

    announcement SharkBrew Mini Tournament

    Good luck to you all boys & girls. Lets get it
  4. Lenin

    95 CB Rigour Pure Pking

    Nice video Winne. Keep em coming.
  5. ONLINE and taking orders!
  6. If you need any services drop a forum PM or msg on Discord: KomodoByte#0833 Anything else can be found on http://komodobyte.com/ Legacy - OSRS Clan (Forums & GFX) Full Screenshot Forums Link Climax - OSRS Clan (Forums) Full Screenshot Forums Link Berserk - OSRS Clan (Forums & GFX) Full Screenshot Forums Link Blitzkrieg - OSRS Clan (GFX) ARCTIC-KINGS TemporaryTruce MagePS
  7. Lenin

    announcement [VOTE] Tournament Poll

    Lets get these events started boys and girls.
  8. Lenin

    announcement Promotions - Dill

    Hey boys and girls, lets get to work
  9. Lenin

    showcase Showcase

    Looks good. Well done with these. I like the DragonDyce Thread layout but the logo is a bit dark. Like the dyce is perfect but dragon is a bit dififcult to read.
  10. Lenin


    @Izadyou should take an upfront % or full before work starts, or alternatively watermark the work before taking the payment. This prevents stuff like this. Sorry for the incident.
  11. Lenin


    No need to blame any specific clan because it dates back for far too long. IMO weak leaderships who are too lazy to recruit and train members resort to mains as a cheap alternative to compete.
  12. Lenin

    pure Nox

    Nox a nice guy tbh.
  13. Lenin

    Brid vid #6

    Nice vid bro.
  14. Lenin

    Berserk~65+ Pure clan~Fear the Reaper

    Good luck to you boys.
  15. Lenin

    Update on pure clans

    AAO was nice guy clan