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  1. Lenin

    Leak's Graphics Shop

    Good luck to you buddy. Should add a link to the image in your signature back to your thread. Make it easier for people to find your thread.
  2. Lenin

    Becoming a Graphics Designer

    That account is guested and the mod's comments aren't positive either. Then lets take a look at your primary account (which is banned): https://www.sythe.org/members/ace-max.451773/ When we take a look at your profile all mods deny your appeal. Back to my original comment "banned off Sythe for scamming" is true. Also: your random comment tagging me... why do you attack someone and expect a hug in return?
  3. Lenin

    Becoming a Graphics Designer

    I hope one day to be banned off Sythe for scamming as you were.
  4. Lenin

    Is God a sexual predator?

    :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I missed you Lionel <3
  5. Lenin

    Guess Who

    OHHHHHHHHHHHHH Whattttt up whoppaa we gotto catch up man
  6. Doing services once again. HMU for work.

    1. Juicy


       @Lenin does gfx if you still need @The Plague

    2. Kim
  7. Back ONLINE from the long break. Let me know if you need anything.
  8. Lenin

    Looking For Better Laptop For Cheap

    Do not buy off Amazon or any online site to have it delivered. Its near christmas time and people become desperate e.g. theft. If you're going to be gaming outside of RS i.e. demanding games like COD or Red Read, buy something better. I suggest making sure the processor is i7. Rest of the hardware should be good enough if the processor is that good.
  9. Lenin

    Guess Who

    Hey guys. Will be on here and there to speak to ya'll. Thanks for the welcome back.
  10. Lenin

    Guess Who

    I didn't quit I said I'd focus on my IRL and return when things were stable.
  11. Lenin

    Guess Who

    Ofcourse man. I'll be on most of the day tomorrow. I'll hit you up.
  12. Lenin

    Guess Who

    Whats up gamers. I'm back. What have I missed? (Can't get on TS/Discord yet)
  13. Can you come back anytime soon? :68747470733a2f2f63646e2e646973636f72646170702e636f6d2f656d6f6a69732f3335373531333133303835323438333037342e706e67:

  14. Lenin

    announcement Lenin

    Thanks for the kind words Slush. Hey guys. So yeah as the topic indicates I've stepped down from Sharkbrew and EOP. Going to focus on IRL projects whilst doing these GFX/Forum work on the side. I'll still be around and come on from time to time. But I'm retired from clanning. Hope the clanning scene keeps striving, growing and enhancing. Take care for now.