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  1. What are you even talking about look at your pics you braindead fuck and you see that SV is in ur cc l0000l
  2. The most funny part with this ''1v2'' is that it shows you sharing cc with SV lmfao
  3. Good job on dicking the main clan legashit @Jamie ツI still Love you
  4. GL with IRL @Breaklove you brother!
  5. Damn i see a bunch of ly mains such a damn main clan Nicely done apex!
  6. Gratz on opening trip and nice to see you gave LY the D
  7. its 8:40am and i slept like a baby after dominating the wilderness keep being a bait for foe lmfao sick anni trip btw by getting dicked by Rage
  8. Holy shit this is the worst losing topic ive seen from legacy in a while. YOU GOT FUCKING DICKED LMFAO
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