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  1. Krantzix

    tournament Rage vs BP | 3-0 | P2P Sharkbrew Tournament

    Gf bp! Thanks for the fight!
  2. Krantzix

    weekend Rage's Saturday Ownage

    Rage wins again.
  3. Krantzix

    unofficial YEEHAAA GMT FIESTA

    Ez moneyz
  4. Krantzix

    weekend Rage P2P Sunday | Leave the Mage to us

    Rage wins again
  5. Krantzix

    cwa Rage Vs Legacy | P2P Prep [2-1]

    Rage wins again!
  6. Krantzix

    cwa Rage Vs Legacy | F2P Prep [3-0]

    Rage wins again
  7. Krantzix

    cwa Immortal 3-0's Power Hunters in a prep

    Damn u guys are full of propaganda what happend with never gonna do a big mini again? Lmfa0 you really suck l0l was way to easy for Rage btw you didnt stand a chance 3-0 btw ty for the free win
  8. Krantzix

    weekend greatest pkers of all time

  9. Krantzix

    pkri FOE Wednesday: P2P PKRIs vs Rage 38v38

    Gf was some good practise
  10. Krantzix

    tournament P2P Tournament Of The Underdogs

    Gl everyone!