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  1. #1 Genji on SB, 4420 SR hmu if ur not ass

  2. R u dumb lmfao? @@Trajan Mfw your new to the clanning scene and don't realize there's two Tevins.
  3. Hmm for some reason I cant quote or tag but no ^
  4. I might be crazy here but remind me why anyone would app for Olympus
  5. I'm not fi tho? wrong Tevin fam @it me naaldo
  6. Runescape players prefer EDM. I however rock out wit my boi Pen Griffey. TRAPSOUL
  7. I bet all my points on doom wbu guys?
  8. Wow justin beiber af then. Dead af now. Wow times have changed.
  9. Lpc is for brown sticky stuffters dudes. Wake up Btw I am the #1 Genji, pm 4 carry
  10. Ye I agree, let this site die stop spamming it daily you lpc brown sticky stuffters
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