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  1. #AAO|WWW.AAO-RS.ORG|DISCORD BROH Envy approached us for a small f2p event. We both peaked 24 in-game. We took 2 out of 2 rounds. Thanks for the action! Starting Round 1: AAO: 23 Envy: 23 Ending Round 2: AAO: 18 Envy: 0 Starting Round 2: AAO: 23 Envy: 23 Ending Round 2: AAO: 22 Envy: 0 @DilL AAO's most Handsome POV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0m1k5ViwL-Q&feature=youtu.be
  2. We don't control the CD mains. That's your problem to deal with, not ours.
  3. Hey i remember you! Oh that's right I closed your clan Redemption! How does it feel that you sleep at night knowing AAO closed your clan.
  4. You are really bad at spying btw. Reminder that Sv closed you loser.
  5. Not sure why you are piping up. Remember who put RD in the coffin? It's the same "low tier" clan you are speaking about. What makes things worse you closed your clan into another one because you "have no time". Just L0L.
  6. #AAO|WWW.AAO-RS.ORG|DISCORD BROH Misfits approached us for a big p2p mini-war and we accepted. We massed up 27 lions for this event. We did 3 sets taking 2 out of the 3. Good fight bees! Nice job Legacy clan Against All Odds! @Twisted lmp POV @Trajan POV
  7. #AAO|WWW.AAO-RS.ORG|DISCORD BROH Envy approached us for a last minute F2P Pkri. We quickly massed 28 lions within a 30 minute notice. We would have two encounters with Envy both coming close to an hour of non stop returning. Even being down 6-8 at the start, we never gave up and kept returning. We took both wins. Thanks for the fights. Nice job Legacy clan Against All Odds! AAO Vs.Envy part 1 Envy defended just north of sperm hill. We quickly rushed on top of them with scims and held our ground for the most of the fight. Even down 5-7 we quickly got them moving towards sperm hill where we continued to push them south. After dropping them to 4 ingame they left. Good fight AAO Vs.Envy part 2 We defended just inside Chaos altar, this time we were down 7-8 opts at the start. The lion pride dragged and clawed for over an hour in chaos altar. Having the pride of a lion, our members kept returning even when we were down 9 at one point. Towards the end we kept banging Envy members left and right. Envy in the end decided to give up returning which knocked them them to 4 ingame. Thanks for the fight!
  8. Rip to a good f2p based clan. @DilL @WarChild are real homies tbh.
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