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  1. I know Foe declined, which was sad to see, but if people aren't willing to try and do their best to make the community better, then everybody might as well stop clanning if it's so horrible.
  2. So you don't care about the reward or being able to claim #1 CW clan in F2P and/or P2P? What would make you care?
  3. Well done for putting this together. I do however feel we have to keep things simple for the majority and encourage clans to fight the clan above them, instead of avoiding. Clans can avoid and have preps outside of the system, but they wouldn't be rewarded or get to claim they're the #1 CW clan in F2P or P2P. Could you elaborate? It actually hasn't as far as I know, it has been suggested multiple times though, but in the end it's up to Sharkbrew to implement it. This version would focus on matched clanwars preps, not fullouts. The WCOTM system could be kept, because promoting and rewarding midweek activity is good. The whole idea of the RAW system is to fight the clan 1 place above you, and to do so until you're #1. This makes the rankings very clear for F2P and P2P with regard to CW. It's the fairest method to decide who's #1. You have to keep performing to keep the #1 spot. If the #3 clan declares on #2, and #2 refuses to fight after X-amount of days, #3 will gain the #2 spot, after which they can declare on #1. But you have to work hard to earn the #1 spot, this creates a sense of accomplishment and competitiveness. If everybody could just declare on the #1 clan, there would be no way to decide the rankings (which is the whole idea of the system). Hello! Say hi to them for me! I'm not sure I could contact them via discord. No, since some clans would stick with the COTM system to avoid fighting certain clans. Afterwards you'd have people flame each other about who's the #1 clan during X-period. I believe the RAW system is the fairest method to rank all clans. The WCOTM system could be kept, since this RAW version would focus on CW (both F2P and P2P). It did, but that was because the community forums back then were replaced (I forgot all the names of the community websites, you had pure-warfare and another one before that), and the RAW system wasn't reused by the admins of the new community forums. It would be up to Sharkbrew to implement it. So if enough people and ranks want it... The whole point of this system is to reward clans for participating. If you don't participate, you won't get rewards and you won't be able to claim you're the #1 CW clan in F2P and/or P2P. Avoiding won't be rewarded, whereas you can still win COTM by avoiding. Avoiding shouldn't be rewarded in a competitive scene. They sure do during the weekend, during mini's, and during preps that now and then occur. It's just that clans that avoid can still win COTM, which is wrong in my opinion. Even if you dislike clan X.
  4. You are free to do so. Same goes for midweeks (for which a seperate system/list could be implemented). Under the RAW system it would just mean you'd get no rewards, and you wouldn't be able to claim #1 CW clan in F2P and/or P2P. I know the community isn't in the greatest shape, but that doesn't mean people should stop trying to improve it.
  5. I have no clue why you hate me. I don't play runescape. The RAW system hasn't even been implemented since the old forums closed as far as I know, so why do you say it keeps dying? I agree with you that the COTM system encourages midweeks, which is a good thing. Losing midweek activity would be bad. Perhaps a midweek list/system could be implemented besides the RAW list.
  6. Dear Pure Community, Back in the old days of pure clanning there used to be a Ranks by Warring (RAW) list that was used to promote wilderness fullouts (in this case it could be used for 40 vs 40 CW preps). The way it worked was simple: All clans were placed on a numbered list for F2P, and a seperate one for P2P (#1 to #X depending on the amount of clans); Clans on the list could only declare on the clan right above them; If you beat the clan above you, your clan took their spot on the ranking list (rules were put in place to make sure you could not re-declare for X-amount of days); If a declaration was still ignored after X-amount of days, the clan that declared would take the spot of the clan that they declared upon; The list did not reset after X-amount of days, but I propose a reset if implemented (see poll). Besides two lists for CW (F2P and P2P), a seperate RAW list could be created for midweeks based on points. Some questions: Would you, as a member or rank of a clan, like to see the RAW system replace the current COTM system to promote competitive preps (see the poll)? If so, what kind of reward would you like to see, and when should the list reset (see the poll)? What should be the minimum amount of opts for planned fights? I personally would set it at 40 vs 40 max or matched below it. What fixed day(s) and times should be used for fights? Would you like a seperate RAW list for midweeks? Feel free to discuss this idea further in the comments. Ranks are encouraged to chat [email protected] each other regarding such a potential system. Have a great day and stay safe!
  7. Welcome back! The pure community isn't what it used to be during the golden years of 2007-2011. Overall, people have become very immature and toxic, and its up to ranks and individuals to change that. Join some communities, and see which one is the most mature and makes you feel welcome. If none meet your standards, I would not advice you to force yourself to come back. I don't clan or play the game anymore, but still hang around now and then. Right now I would say that Foe is #1 in the wilderness, followed by Zenith (pull the most), Legacy, Rage, Fatality, and Apex. I have no clue with regard to CW - probably Apex and Foe.
  8. Goodluck, and above all: have fun!
  9. Hello Spartan, hope you're doing well! The pure community isn't what it used to be anymore (you'll probably notice that from the replies your topic will get). As for your F2P list. I wouldn't put Epidemic as #2, since we did not hold on to the #1 spot for long. Sure, it was impressive that we managed to get it so quickly, but clans like Eop and Fi (the former more so than the latter) have had a bigger impact on the F2P scene overall on the long term. I would also mention CP, who also had an impact on the pure community. Your P2P list definitely misses TLP!
  10. Well done down opts while also having to deal with a lot of mains! Seemed like you guys had a fun trip, keep it up!
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