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  1. Well done down opts while also having to deal with a lot of mains! Seemed like you guys had a fun trip, keep it up!
  2. Should be a lot of fun for both clans! Glad to see there are still some clans willing to fullout.
  3. I think you'll enjoy Fi, IR, Apex or Foe if you're looking for a more mature clan. I'd personally suggest Apex of these 4 clans.
  4. This topic kinda proves otherwise though lol, you're basically all saying that Eop should get the reward. You state that Foe isn't the best CWA clan, all fair and square, but you're not willing to fight them in a CWA fullout to prove it. Actions speak louder than words! Walk the talk! Oh well.. have a good day! I've said my piece.
  5. Then stop posting on this topic all together if you don't care about the awards. We know you don't agree with the way the votes were handeled, but when Slushpuppy offers an alternative (a fight) you back down. You've made your point, now it's either time to move on or to declare a CWA fullout on Foe to take the award. Why would I, did I hit the nail on its head? You're the one who doesn't contribute to this topic. You're so clueless it's funny ! Another comedian! A history lesson: When Epidemic closed we pulled 110, competing vs MM while Eop pulled 80~ to compete vs Foe. Foe and MM teamed on Epidemic, so we invited Eop to join us vs the MMFoe alliance. I doubt you were around but those 200 vs 200 fights were rather epic. After that Epidemic closed at our peak. Eop had a small rise due to the Epidemic members that joined, but it didn't take that long before Eop's pulls went back to 40-50 after Epidemic members started joining DP. So yeah, Eop had nothing to do with the closure of Epidemic ! As for UB, I was never a member of UB. The uLPC scene is still in it's first stages. I don't clan anymore, so its success depends on the ranks of the clans/teams. As for your last point: I've actually declined a mod offer on multiple occasions, if you don't believe me ask @slushpuppy ! Have a nice day !
  6. Based on this topic I'd say there are quite a few Eop members and ranks who seem to care about the award Foe got.. now that Sharkbrew offers a solution it's all of a sudden a 'joke' and it's okay to 'troll' and tell everybody you'll only have a fullout in the wilderness (which won't happen, everybody knows this for obvious reasons). You either care and declare on Foe for a CWA fullout to take their award or you don't care and move on doing your own thing (which doesn't seem to be the case right now ).
  7. Have you ever aspired to be a comedian ?
  8. Funny person ! Ask Goop about the conversation he had with Epidemics leaders back in the day ! Something tells me you like to change the subject when people hit the nail on its head. When will you declare a CWA fullout on Foe? I mean, that's the reason you're posting on this topic right? You're disagreeing with the results of the award. Seize the moment and PM @holydreams!
  9. Hahaha! You're so funny, you're only proving my point ! Here's a free tip: you should ask Goop about the hard time Eop endured during the rise of Epidemic. And I doubt Eop's mains would've been a match for Forsaken ! Have a nice day !
  10. I like how you always bring up irrelevent stuff to change the subject ! Declare on Foe already if you want that reward so bad. I take it the reason you're posting here is because you don't agree with the results of the award. Well @slushpuppy gave Eop a chance to take it, you only have to do 1 thing: declare a CWA fullout on Foe ! If not, all fair and squair, but then you'll have to accept the fact that the community voted for Foe as the best CWA clan. Have a nice day !
  11. Using your logic the clan with the most voters would win all awards, does that seem fair to you? Obviously not.. lol. Awards like these will always have some bias, but if the majority of the clans voted for Eop as the most successful LPC clan and Foe as the best CWA clan it's as fair as it will ever be. Again, @slushpuppy has provided Eop with the chance to take this award from Foe. You can do so by declaring a CWA fullout on Foe (@holydreams has already stated that he'd happily accept such a declaration ). Enjoy your day ! Don't let it get ruined by the fact that the majority of the pure community voted for Foe as the best CWA clan.
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