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  1. @zmaj woke up for the day!


    1. Noum


      Kid has mental issues btw, currently in his 4th gap year in uni and wastes his life on a virtual paint game in 2k18, also donated 250 dollars Lmfa000

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  3. your rap sheet includes both imperial and supremacy, do you have to wear a leash when you go outside or do your parents trust you enough to just stay within eyesight
  4. maybe if they did that on weekends they'd have more success
  5. they spent all their money on returns and couldn't pay their internet bill lol
  6. when u can bench more than ur clan pulls hmu
  7. This Saturday I woke up early and alone, but not for long, as soon I would head out for some great action! Thanks to everybody who made my day great, couldn't have done it without you, see you next weekend! I decided to get some last minute training in before the big day, so I hit the gym at 7 AM to work on my shoulders and back. I got some good action and in between sets was able to snag a girl's number on Tinder. After the Gym I stocked up on returns for the day before heading home to mass up for yard work. At 10 AM I headed to my grandfather's house for massing. My cousins, siblings, and aunts and uncles showed up and headed out into the backyard right on time at 10:30. Our first task was clearing the insane amount of weeds that were growing. That didn't seem to be a problem, their returns were shit and we made easy work of em. After a brief regroup in the kitchen we set back out, tore down the fence, and put up a new one. I texted my Tinder match and set up a 1v1, which I won with startling ease. Afterwards I hit the local bars with a group of friends. The first bar was pretty boring, so I checked Supremacy's aftermath, which lifted my spirits. We hit a couple more bars and had a great time before turning in for the night.
  8. God you're all a bunch of losers I'll be sure to check your aftermath from the beach though
  9. speak up didn't hear you leash your dog better
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