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  1. I have been saying shes a dog for the past year now lmfao ...called it since day 1
  2. More clans should prioritize action over the fear of losing. In regards to the apex vs ct fight, the outcome did not matter. We were just experimenting different rules for a new kind of event. Both sides got practice and had fun. The true losers were the people on the side lines sticking their noses up lol.
  3. join apex @ https://clan-apex.net/community/
  4. yup lets start the predicable fake propaganda war against Apex again LOL
  5. Yeah here is the rest of the conversation weakling LOL. There are consequences to your leadership's piss poor behavior:


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      @Jimi I didn't know being from a 3rd world country deteriorates your eyesight aswell lmao,

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      Moni being a troll just doesn’t work 

      don’t you have a gif montage to make or something 

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      @Moni didnt know smoking shisha makes u that retarded LOOOOL

  6. Apex P2P Prep - October 4, 2018 Today Apex massed up 60 buff sharks for a P2P prep vs Eruption of Pures. After sharpening our teeth in preperation, we took home a solid 3-0 win. Thanks for the prep, EOP! Still #1 P2P Matched BTW. Round 1: Victory Apex Starting/Ending: 35/18 EOP Starting/Ending: 35/0 Round 2: Victory Apex Starting/Ending: 35/25 EOP Starting/Ending: 35/0 Round 3: Victory Apex Starting/Ending: 31/18 EOP Starting/Ending: 31/0 Jeyes POV Mewho POV Nranges POV 5teel POV
  7. the f2p event heavily favors the gmters based off the time+day keeping that time+day will be a mistake
  8. many North Americans will not be able to make any of those times on a weekday the event is already extremely biased towards GMTers lol both events will need to be on the weekend or else you are just tossing a free win to EU
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