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  1. Who is a better caller?

    U realize danny and everyone knows i only joined due to the ubers that joined, wouldnt have joined otherwise
  2. Who is a better caller?

    Sad part is you and the other 2-3 rejects believe the 30yr old mute, i would troll on a clan forum too if I collected disability checks from the government for a fake fall lmfao
  3. Doom vs. Destiny 2-1

    Wow that guy vidding owns btw
  4. Apex vs FOE [4-1] P2P Mini

    @Jamz speak up
  5. best warrers that are currently active?

    u r inactive i already considered u downie
  6. been getting jagex this entire night :9

    @iObsession @robbyy we clean still
  7. best warrers that are currently active?

    Alot of good warrers from all clans tbh mustafa leading from sup lemons shawn px tiny mf borzor jason care trajan aao Tom sup Apex got alot of good pple foe got alot of good pple marwan fib rich jons lee fi 17 rob jeyes murd eop alot of good people tbh in this era
  8. I think you’re brain is still recovering from the roasts you were given in sb staff, explains you being delusional
  9. For the one hr i was on we owned everyone at sperm so idk what you’re referring to
  10. Who is a better caller?

    apparently you can't read properly either, i said he brain washed you there was no indication of a conversation between me and zach Me > you lol
  11. Who is a better caller?

    Seens zach brain washed u like he did to novations you will never be good at runescape btw