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  1. My brothers in TI will win this tourny while im on vacation, another win for arabs and small irish man 

  2. Elve. :D

  3. Well duh those UB kids did improve Apex's quality, stop referring to the past on every single post. Looking at how good they've recently performed I would say they're competing for #1 or #2 matched currently. EOP isn't relevant in the prep scene as they focus on wild more (don't blame them lol). Tldr: We go off recent events so stop with ur "know it all" attitude.
  4. new matched LPC standings???

    Don't agree w/raising def. A alternative to RNG scape is just not allowing kodai,maul,balista and everything will pretty much fix itself
  5. They are in P2P, prob competing w/FOE for #1 F2P but it's prob Apex or FOE at this point for #1 F2P
  6. CLAN WARS [P2P] Phoenix vs Supremacy 3-0

    Lol u guys r lucky a meteor hit crafteds city while he was calling
  7. Heard doom was reopening.

    Hormone's family raises ducks irl and sells them to nearby farms, so when Ryan calls in F2P we used to hear quacks in the background hence the Ducks Fly Together
  8. Heard doom was reopening.

    U dont get the joke lol
  9. new matched LPC standings???

    Depends on OPTS but lets assume 30v30 P2P 1.Apex 2.FOE 3.PX/FI? 4.IR/EOP? 5.MF 6.AAO 7.Rest Also, I'm unsure about EOP and AAO due to the lack of P2P Preps they're getting vs Apex/FOE they may be higher on the list
  10. Heard doom was reopening.

    ub>sv no competition lol my gay leader owned ur clan with high heels and a purse, thoughts?
  11. Heard doom was reopening.

    sv died to rot as mains sv died to eop/ub as pures sv lpc died to doom/rage sv dead
  12. Heard doom was reopening.

    Don't think so lol