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  1. @xLPC

    Idek about others but msbs gmauls and blitz or burst is fun af
  2. SB is the 🐐🐐

  3. I have a max main just wanna do raids on pure for the pet xd
  4. Gj gamers Can definitely say it’s unexpected
  5. Always enjoy em feel like ur vids would flow with biggie remixes
  6. Another gif producer yuuuuur dont make clips that fast tho i wanna see ur switches
  7. I myself need to learn raids, maybe ill tag along one day and see how it goed do you guys teach pures? welcome to sb!
  8. EOP lmao

    That meme is gold
  9. Apparently cape switching means ur in a rivalry (idek lol)
  10. When did foe beef with hassans clan wtf also i was at the p2p trip two weeks ago idk what u mean by cancelled borzor made it clear as of late july he didnt want foe to use sb hence y he told me to hide our prep wins (check for yourself)
  11. A team who pulls 50s to preps and 35s to minis set up with fi which we do every week and chiefs reply wasn’t inaccurate but a fullout would be pre sick no matter how cancer i assume it will be (your forgeting i was a rank during eops last fullout i know what goes on lol)
  12. He hasn’t been on in a few days, he left for vacation from what i was told as of last Friday I believe. He comes on disc and forums through phone sometimes tho
  13. Munapäät vs Misfits 2-0 in sets 3x Perfected

    When i get back from vaca we do ko vs muna gj gamers