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  1. Will say that im glad no mains were involved when we fought u hope yall and ly prep soon
  2. Moni

    pkri Cutthroat -Vs- Vengeance

    Idk its just weird watching a pov with that
  3. Moni

    pkri Cutthroat -Vs- Vengeance

    Nice but why does he have a award as a overlay
  4. Moni

    friendly Outrage v Apex (2-1 sets)

    Never talk shit before the fights over ~ Jamz
  5. Moni

    showcase Recent Stuff I've Made/Remade

    that actual GOAT of gfx
  6. cant compare a team stacked w/f2p clans/warrers and a regular clan who does both servers either way they flamed before the start of the fight and got bodied and left after r1
  7. Hopefully other clans will prep us soon, glad we're still owning it up :]
  8. Moni

    Pups vs Outrage Mini 2-1 Sets

    Duncan played 2 sets ralf played 1 round jamz didnt play all sets
  9. Moni

    Pups vs Outrage Mini 2-1 Sets

    We had 1 more 20 def than you and 2 of our kids were 87 cb w/52 pray stop atten seekin