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  1. its okay lil niga... dont be salty, take notes and get better drop the fo kids and u might be able to compete against us when it matters
  2. dis post reeled in the dead seals (literally) l000l Reminder:
  3. they lose when it matters l000l (ex. 10v10 sb tourny/20v20 mini) what happen rite here? they had 75% fo kids and got SMOKED lil niga l0l. defend a horrible team ur not in but wont defend the clan ur in
  4. WARNING: Graphic l000l Did u just post a loss btw my niga? LOL i seen it all
  5. Just refer to this reply @Sharkboy posted lil nigas - dont get mad, get better at the game
  6. the pure scene has no competition so we vsing main clans? dum azz niga l0l until u man up and take a 7th p2p prep loss to apex, we vsing actual competition
  7. basically. fo's matched p2p quality is bottom tier rn
  8. baited into giving the big A a thread reply stay envy eazy***
  9. i thought this was clickbait at first, turns out it wasnt l0l
  10. if ur reading this and ur not in apex, ur clan is shit lil nigas
  11. t1oyCCr.png

    1. Tango Wins Again

      Tango Wins Again

      this guy has no life and is obsessed over pixels lol wtf

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