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  1. sk closed them dont blame @Pun
  2. Hate

    we bk...sorta
  3. banter
    CD forced to ddosing/doxing

    cd still losing, ddosing and doxing 308 clans I see they sent somebody in my clan a fridge whilst ddosing me whilst my clan was killing theirs jokers lmfao

     35 minutes agoSyracuse

    H8 reopening pm me

    H8 re-opening pm him xD

  5. XLPC

    Snapchat/Discord me mate
  6. Football Manager 2018

    i play sometimes mayb
  7. Dlphn intro

    @Lenin got sent picture proof of the convo @N0VA doesnt even want the 3m its just the principle
  8. EOP & FOE

    90% of clans on rs u see kids names etc being posted on sharkbrew all the time and thats only the sb side of it all.
  9. EOP & FOE

    Doxing in 2017 aint even bad unless your ugly as fk its been done to almost everyone but yeah you did do the right thing then, its still not right this site praises clans for not doxing people when theyve actively been doing it for years and you shouldnt be doing it anyway really.
  10. EOP & FOE

    so basically a foe kid got kicked for doxing somebody from eop because foe got scared their whole clan is going to get doxd. Understood.
  11. gz if real but ye looks kinda fake only a trade in edge lol
  12. Dlphn intro

    sad that this site allows scammers to return so easy especially when he scammed 3m lmao this kid will scam anything and everything obviously
  13. Dlphn intro

    sad kid scammed 3mil for gfx nova waited 10days too cant really complain when u get banned for being that broke lmfao @Lenin ban him again "would be gr8 if not tell NOVA he aint ever getting his 3m" clearly isnt paying him
  14. Stampede nothing serious though we use discord pk most days but not the most active rn because we all got lives