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  1. Reminder that cp remake said this when when we wouldnt help them vs energy https://gyazo.com/1c7b3c6ffedf52e1c20b5de0055f8d8c
  2. Imt lost every fight today and claims we sniped them poor excuse we tried but you rats paniced and ran lmao
  3. Would say gj but from a mutual point of view you and energy teaming 24/7 sexy gfx tho
  4. Aaronn

    lpc EnVy #1 XLPC Pure Clan 50-65 Combat!!

    l000l actual joke
  5. Lol I remember beating the bt shitters 13vs26 in clanwars! wow u beat xl down 5?!?!??! whats the secret
  6. Looks like sand monkey elmir has found some new ass to lick now hassans gone
  7. Aaronn

    altho its long

    3 versions of sk only and 1 good one really all existed about 2-4 yrs ago I must have done something right if people are still talking about SK every time I speak
  8. Aaronn

    Why does nobody post on here.

    pure clanning died so sb is dying
  9. Aaronn

    altho its long

    seeking 4 social acceptance
  10. Aaronn

    pure account Looking for a XLPC clan

    ^ @Brock might take you I heard ascent is pretty desperate and full of leaks anyway
  11. eop dead just like ascent @Brock