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  1. Damn, I've really been overrating Apex.
  2. The discussion is about P2P, in which Apex are 22-1 this year in preps. MM was not even close to steamrolling every fight it was in to the same effect- I recall HF being called numerous times (still deny in 2018?). It would be impossible for any clan to do so in F2P, which has a skill-cap of a 12 year old monkey, and being out-opted by >15 demolishes your chances of winning (still possible, but let's be realistic).
  3. Where are your facts? This is not about Apex being the best P2P clan ever. It's about whether there has been a period of time in the past where another clan has been uncontested to the same level.
  4. Supremacy: no history, no quality, no threat. leadership should stop flushing their lives away, close, and go learn a new language

    1. Art_Vandelay



      should stop flushing their lives away, close, and go learn a new language

      I dont even pure clan, but you just spent your time making a new anonymous sharkbrew acc to post that lol. You know what they say, you begin to emphasize your own flaws the more you criticize others :rolleyes:

    2. Moe


      @Art_Vandelay welcome to sharkbrew 

    3. Public Speaker

      Public Speaker

      @Art_VandelayI'm 28 and I make 200k US a year lol.

  5. has any other clan in history held the belt so far above the rest of the competition for so long? since Nov 2017 nobody has been able to hold a candle to them in any shape or form
  6. Who would most likely win a 30v30 P2P prep this week?
  7. 1-6 on the year against Apex. What's going on there.. and when are the ranks gonna pick up the slack? Their member quality has obviously been declining due to the lack of practice and seem to stand no chance right now. When will enough be enough?
  8. Refer to above, 3-0 on the night. Better luck next time.
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