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  1. l0l you guys still mad that Olympus closed you over 3-4 years ago. Yikes! I know you are salty but damn get over it lmao!!
  2. Looks like rot wins again

  3. Atleast Elit3 b3sr can take a shower. He has got u beat lmaooooo Way better Asian than you will ever be l0l
  4. Why can't you take a shower? The pig shit smells.
  5. I had a great time fucking roasting pigs. was fun as fuck l00l0l0. Your members are 1 bangs and are worthless.
  6. @Tanniewhy is ur tanks 1 bangs? where did u get them from? LOLLOLLOLOLOLOLO
  7. prolly won't see you since u will be in lobby l0l
  8. Triple the mains next weekend. fucking retards LMFAO. it is main war now LOLLOLOLOLOLOLO, Get ready to see a fucking SEA of CP RUNE niggas l00l0l0l0l
  9. @Tanniel00l that’s all you got!? Lmfao!

    1. Maaku


      Lmao ugly china nerd

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