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  1. Fjeder

    fo needs Jamz back

    what do u tell ur members lmao
  2. Fjeder

    warning to all clans

    cu tomorrow in p2p o wait ur clan has the worst prep record of all time and is too doodoo to go p2p
  3. Fjeder

    warning to all clans

    warning? ur clan closes 5 times a year u havent achieved anything in ur 10 years of absolute shit lmao
  4. Fjeder

    Apex Scared?

  5. Fjeder

    lpc Critical Damage Returns - 75-101 Combat LPC

    why tho? u've never achieved anything in ur 10 years of shit except bringing most tanks/mains ill give it 2 weeks max and ur closed again
  6. imagine paying 250$ to get accepted into foe
  7. Fjeder


    wwwwhat? r u ok homie as i recall foe had 40+ tanks in their capes + ur butt buddies sup on speed dial today l0000l
  8. Fjeder

    WuTang Forever

    stop avoiding me in w25 u fucking whale
  9. Fjeder

    Nox and the burping tale

    thats my leader
  10. Fjeder

    cwa Penguins Vs Supremacy P2P Miniwar 2-0 In Sets

    holy fuck sup is doodoo
  11. Fjeder

    pure Big D**k Clan EoP Crushes dogsh*t clan fom

    holy fuck what a big win wow, this must mean eop is #1 ur getting desperate for a win lmfao
  12. i spent 10 minutes trying to find a pure in an eop cape, but i failed - thoughts?