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  1. been gone for 6 months its come to my attention that some 10 IQ inbred hick with a crush on me, has been using my name to dox....
    imagine l00000l

  2. in my mind ur a socially awkward virgin who wouldnt last 5 seconds outside ur basement
  3. just take a look at moni's previous clans lmao
  4. cu tomorrow in p2p o wait ur clan has the worst prep record of all time and is too doodoo to go p2p
  5. warning? ur clan closes 5 times a year u havent achieved anything in ur 10 years of absolute shit lmao
  6. why tho? u've never achieved anything in ur 10 years of shit except bringing most tanks/mains ill give it 2 weeks max and ur closed again
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