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  1. "aPeX iS aVoiDiNg" no you're shit and avoid the inevitable p2p prep loss vs apex
  2. Wasn't that nerdy dude the other side main caller of every p2p prep against fom l0l (yes indeed ty was easy) Refer 2 my sig, he's the reason why
  3. @YOOITZKIDi hope imperial didn't close for this lol
  4. ye bro you broke in 2 hours after CD called off returning
  5. no idea who you are but fairly sure you broke in 2 hours l0l
  6. facts are facts fo - you left in 2 hours after stating you were willing to go 20. No confidence in members. Undisputed.

    1. Dillon Howlett

      Dillon Howlett

      you had 10 ingame and ran around for 4 hours what kind of a joke is this

    2. 8pint


      @Anthony Joshuacan you direct me to Apex's aftermath please

  7. see you tomorrow - put up or fuck up
  8. fo absolutely no confidence in there members out returning / outworking Apex.
  9. Invictus was probably one of the worst clans in the history of runescape. I fail to see how you can have an opinion on the matter.
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