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  1. kyleG

    Another Hilarious Broken Clan Audio Leak

    ikr imagine we asking oldschools and retired ppl to join and we pull 170+ they wouldnt even bother go in the wild
  2. kyleG

    Another Hilarious Broken Clan Audio Leak

    first of all u trashkids were talking big for few weeks on sharkbrew after 3 clans closing into u and started this "rival" that ended after the first week 2e ur believed ur own clan shit propaganda for weeks an now say ur "trying to improve" lmao killing ur clan would help other clans to grow so we can finally have so non main fights and no fake propaganda were cleaning this scene by killing your shit clan like ive said a month ago u'll be back camping clanwars soon . your ops will keep decreasing ours will keep increasing the amount of apex joining foe last 4 weeks is insane , what did u gained ? korasi LOL
  3. kyleG

    Another Hilarious Broken Clan Audio Leak

    lmao apex wouldnt stand a chance
  4. kyleG

    fo needs Jamz back

    imagine talking about quality but 1 item ragg. so u finally accept u getting FCKIN?G OWNED in the wildy past 5 weeks u gonne bring up preps from a year ago. lets get a fullout anytime no one will ever think apex ever was relevant 220 to 100 ops da fuck ? u lost last time u were up 20 OPS 4 weeks ago u still got shit on. u guys suck in the wildy soon u will be camping clanwars again like the entire 2018 and no one will give a fck about apex. ps: nox get ur braindead members out of foebrew
  5. @0wl next time u fight me at sperm 1X1 when returning , dont tele out u pussy . learn switch prayer for the love of god 

  6. UI7hF5e.png

    apex out of P2P supplys , start using F2P 

  7. lkFWhqc.png

    1item ragg clan and even with 15 mains cant do shit 

  8. @escoobar raged insanly after getting demolished today,  challanging 10m risk fight against a foe member , the rest is history 



    1. toenail884cutter7



  9. respect to you guys sorry for crashing were bored of apex hiding in castle refusing to have a normal fight
  10. kyleG

    Apex is done (audio leak)

    the only thing i lost was 7 anglers , 4brews and 2 restores
  11. kyleG


    ❤️ dt , sup , fi , legacy ❤️ one of the clans u can only respect out there
  12. enjoy this ppl. such a bad propaganda . and how people can actually understand any of there calls ? 4 ppl speaking at the same time ? and nox all the time sounds like a fast forwarded movie. i love the part where they had 20 ops left against our 80+ and say " tele out we got the ops advantage" i dont even wanne know how low IQ members u must have to believe this bullshit . coming strong with 220 pures in 2019 to 130 in 3 weeks , apex will never be able to win a clean even ops fight cause of there horrible quality members and leadership. watch this horrible footage full of cuts of apex this clan is a joke we fighted them down 20 & 50 ops before with no problem yet they lie since it was even ops this time after getting PERFECTED the first fight they hided singels avoid there "rivals" and were hunting for lower ops clans like sup (pathetic) the only people left in apex are mentally challanged , eop fags , and foe rejects like @Opticals now time for some quality pov's of what really happend:
  13. https://www.foe-rs.com/forums/topic/131559-foe-presents-horrific-weekend-in-apex-jan-2627-audio-leaks/