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  1. kyleG

    FOE backing down against ROT?

    only thing im not in foe anymore. there po'v says pretty much enough.
  2. kyleG

    FOE backing down against ROT?

    RoT is full of 30y old virgins that, that probably would start a school shooting if they have a gun . runescape is there lives there only goal
  3. kyleG

    FOE backing down against ROT?

    rot was forced into one iteming pretty quick , seems foe is raping them.
  4. LOL why make such a bigg fuzz about it. FOE last weekends still clearing apex and raping kids even while getting ragg by regein of twitter , FOE still get most action in the wildy then any other pure clan. . like its the first time foe was up against mains (90 mains eop+jaja at gdz still lost) the fact RoT went from geared to one item very quick pretty much sums it up/ rot is just a retarded if they are forcing people to not join any clan that is anti rot its god dam 2019 , telling people to ban doxer out of a clan is one thing. but ragg cause some members have a main in another clan is just fcking retarded .
  5. kyleG

    Reign of trash

    imagine losing all ur mains vs mains fights so u try out pure clans and also got cleared by them . rofl. rot should be very carefull about there next steps. since apex is dead and foe has nothing to do , the last thing u want is 140 pures crashing your fights. the sad part is with there ragging atempt , apex still got deleted of the map
  6. kyleG

    Apex Rank Meeting Colorized (2/18/19)

    LOL foe beat sup 9/10 times we prep 10X as much then apex we just dont post it on sharkbrew. apex wont prep us
  7. kyleG

    Apex Rank Meeting Colorized (2/18/19)

    that why apex lost in january over and over even beeing up 20+ ops lmfao where have u been apex F2P= nothing apex P2P= 1 item rag clan after dieing once no one gives a shit about apex
  8. kyleG

    Hey apex

    ded most irrelevant shitclan . like i said month ago, they will end up beeing a clanwar team again. there P2P was a joke today lmfao
  9. kyleG

    Another Hilarious Broken Clan Audio Leak

    ikr imagine we asking oldschools and retired ppl to join and we pull 170+ they wouldnt even bother go in the wild
  10. kyleG

    Another Hilarious Broken Clan Audio Leak

    first of all u trashkids were talking big for few weeks on sharkbrew after 3 clans closing into u and started this "rival" that ended after the first week 2e ur believed ur own clan shit propaganda for weeks an now say ur "trying to improve" lmao killing ur clan would help other clans to grow so we can finally have so non main fights and no fake propaganda were cleaning this scene by killing your shit clan like ive said a month ago u'll be back camping clanwars soon . your ops will keep decreasing ours will keep increasing the amount of apex joining foe last 4 weeks is insane , what did u gained ? korasi LOL
  11. kyleG

    Another Hilarious Broken Clan Audio Leak

    lmao apex wouldnt stand a chance
  12. kyleG

    fo needs Jamz back

    imagine talking about quality but 1 item ragg. so u finally accept u getting FCKIN?G OWNED in the wildy past 5 weeks u gonne bring up preps from a year ago. lets get a fullout anytime no one will ever think apex ever was relevant 220 to 100 ops da fuck ? u lost last time u were up 20 OPS 4 weeks ago u still got shit on. u guys suck in the wildy soon u will be camping clanwars again like the entire 2018 and no one will give a fck about apex. ps: nox get ur braindead members out of foebrew
  13. @0wl next time u fight me at sperm 1X1 when returning , dont tele out u pussy . learn switch prayer for the love of god 

  14. UI7hF5e.png

    apex out of P2P supplys , start using F2P 

  15. lkFWhqc.png

    1item ragg clan and even with 15 mains cant do shit