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  1. kyleG

    how did ur saturday trip go?

    pretty much sums it up
  2. apex is by far the best P2P clanwar  pure clan. 


    foe member <-

    1. Maethros


      u mean when they got cleared up 10 by rev team?

  3. as a reaction to this pathetic post i didnt know we should be posting rev trips now. but the video of him is not complete here is another part eop better be carefull . the amount of times we raped them last weeks at revs is insane. guess i will start posting every time we fck them pls dont ban me to spam forum with topics ; the amount of times is really astonishing.
  4. indeed thats why they mass hour in weekends to then try crash a fight and still got raped . dw maybe they will beat u guys in clanwars at some point and they will make a new aftermatch. only thing i wonder is why they stop post fake win claiming at there forum; are they finally maturing
  5. not to mention they got cleared 2X after that and refused a equal op fight at FOG where we waited them 5min. this is how low a "pure" clan can go. congratz on pûlling more pures midweek then in the weekend though.
  6. i started hating u guys for ur attitude last sunday , this makes up quite a bit well done edit; gz on eop for having almost ur whole clan online in the middle of the week rofl
  7. nice game foe vs world once again. next time misfits dont TP away when we got 70 at corps and claim a win after 50min. u cant win when u tele. dont use the eop logic.

  8. 1  hour mass  eop again lmao

  9. will eop bring more then 90 mains today ? or will  they gain more pures then last weekend ? (21) lets find out tonight (after there usual 1 hour mass) 


    hope to see jaja there aswell lets have some fun 



      they prob going clan wars again lmao 

    2. Satans


      Hahaha weirdo

    3. H I T T A

      H I T T A

      haha @Satans you know he isn't wrong though.

  10. short story >create fake aftermatches with fake wins > leader insulting there own clanmembers over and over so every week they pull less the only ones left doesnt have a spine or self respect . but they will come back . last weekend 90 mains and they were forcing all there members to create more mains . maybe with 150 mains they will try at GDZ again but that sadly wont help.
  11. is apex a pure clan that actually goes wildy ? or just a clanwar clan ? the only time i saw the last 2 month was 2 weeks ago where u teamed up wth EOP , had more ops combined and still got fcked. enjoy clanwars thats defenitly the fun part of this game /sarcasm
  12. kyleG

    Pure Community in-game suggestions

    says the clan who brought 92 last weekend ? uhm ok.
  13. kyleG

    Top 10 Main Clans 2018

    1. rot 2. ct 3. eop (pulled 90 mains last saturday) 4. jaja 5. rev 6. rng 7. dk 8. sv
  14. kyleG

    pure clans app

    thats why y had 21 pures and 91 main last weekend loser
  15. kyleG

    pure EOP Councils

    so now he can finally interact with u guys on the same lvl ?