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  1. when the time and effort you put in writing & uploading is longer then the video itself u know its a 💩 topic
  2. imagine not getting any action in the med/zerk scene and are to afraid to fight mains so u post some vids about killing handfull of pures ❤️
  3. thats weird since ags is not allowed same as a skulled craws.. zgs,mace is perfectly possible but i dont know how that adds up to 300m though , math isnt that hard. the amount of zgs/Ags/acb/dcb we smited from all the clans named is insane. as u can see in the video while the fight is going on u dont even touch the pvmers they just keep attacking . there is no way possible u clan possible made more then us im up 8m myself just on mystics and torags not even counting splits i got from shares. https://imgur.com/0rnWQWE whos this whale today LUL
  4. they rarly come 1500 worlds , last time they wiped us off the map in 0.5 sec logging in with 30 balistas
  5. thats a lot of snakeskin /xerian robes . meanwhile my torags/mystics set on my bank keeps increasing
  6. Moi World is a pvm based community that are most of the time holding 1500 worlds. a idea started small , now still growing with a decent amount of pkers from all different main & pure clans. we dont have any issue with any clan and we like some good action, sadly some clans like sv/team sweden feels the need to be very toxic while doing so. anyway here is some footage from the past month , thanks for the action boys !
  7. they got cleared 30min ago in a 1500 total world holded by bolt ragg vennys
  8. is it the same SV that just got cleared by bolt ragging vennies in 1500 total worlds ?
  9. B> BP locs for this sunday 

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