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  1. when the time and effort you put in writing & uploading is longer then the video itself u know its a 💩 topic
  2. imagine not getting any action in the med/zerk scene and are to afraid to fight mains so u post some vids about killing handfull of pures ❤️
  3. thats weird since ags is not allowed same as a skulled craws.. zgs,mace is perfectly possible but i dont know how that adds up to 300m though , math isnt that hard. the amount of zgs/Ags/acb/dcb we smited from all the clans named is insane. as u can see in the video while the fight is going on u dont even touch the pvmers they just keep attacking . there is no way possible u clan possible made more then us im up 8m myself just on mystics and torags not even counting splits i got from shares. https://imgur.com/0rnWQWE whos this whale today LUL
  4. they rarly come 1500 worlds , last time they wiped us off the map in 0.5 sec logging in with 30 balistas
  5. thats a lot of snakeskin /xerian robes . meanwhile my torags/mystics set on my bank keeps increasing
  6. Moi World is a pvm based community that are most of the time holding 1500 worlds. a idea started small , now still growing with a decent amount of pkers from all different main & pure clans. we dont have any issue with any clan and we like some good action, sadly some clans like sv/team sweden feels the need to be very toxic while doing so. anyway here is some footage from the past month , thanks for the action boys !
  7. they got cleared 30min ago in a 1500 total world holded by bolt ragg vennys
  8. is it the same SV that just got cleared by bolt ragging vennies in 1500 total worlds ?
  9. B> BP locs for this sunday 

  10. oh god i cant wait before vengeance calls everyone a leak that loses a +1 clan will be dead in notime then 😆
  11. Rot came to crash us when we were about to clear you .
  12. only thing im not in foe anymore. there po'v says pretty much enough.
  13. RoT is full of 30y old virgins that, that probably would start a school shooting if they have a gun . runescape is there lives there only goal
  14. rot was forced into one iteming pretty quick , seems foe is raping them.
  15. LOL why make such a bigg fuzz about it. FOE last weekends still clearing apex and raping kids even while getting ragg by regein of twitter , FOE still get most action in the wildy then any other pure clan. . like its the first time foe was up against mains (90 mains eop+jaja at gdz still lost) the fact RoT went from geared to one item very quick pretty much sums it up/ rot is just a retarded if they are forcing people to not join any clan that is anti rot its god dam 2019 , telling people to ban doxer out of a clan is one thing. but ragg cause some members have a main in another clan is just fcking retarded .
  16. imagine losing all ur mains vs mains fights so u try out pure clans and also got cleared by them . rofl. rot should be very carefull about there next steps. since apex is dead and foe has nothing to do , the last thing u want is 140 pures crashing your fights. the sad part is with there ragging atempt , apex still got deleted of the map
  17. LOL foe beat sup 9/10 times we prep 10X as much then apex we just dont post it on sharkbrew. apex wont prep us
  18. that why apex lost in january over and over even beeing up 20+ ops lmfao where have u been apex F2P= nothing apex P2P= 1 item rag clan after dieing once no one gives a shit about apex
  19. ded most irrelevant shitclan . like i said month ago, they will end up beeing a clanwar team again. there P2P was a joke today lmfao
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