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  1. You really used the phrase "Quality over Quantity" unironically l000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000l
  2. What went through your head when you named a tournament 'Clash of the Wizards'
  3. You pay the taxi driver to get to your destination. Does that make him your employer? You have to be handicapped.
  4. Cutting off an entire clan's hosting with no apparent forewarning is not only completely unprofessional but very immature. You might have personal issues with Nox but he provides money for a service and you pulled our website - a pretty key tool for the clan - while he was asleep. I find it crazy that someone hosting the entire pure community's hub of activity is this emotionally influenced while continuing to wear the guise of professionalism.
  5. I'm famous!! Idk if you're trying to use this pic as propaganda but GL with that. Trying to flame Apex over a disagreement with our website provider is kind of petty and it shows; let in-game results speak for themselves.
  6. Domestic violence is always tough to see.
  7. Thanks Cutthroat for giving Apex some clean action. Was fun.
  8. Does your tiny brain not comprehend that wilderness success is determined entirely by numbers and not quality of members
  9. - Lost your last P2P Prep ✔ - 1-6 vs Apex in P2P this year ✔ - Avoided Apex for 4 months ✔ We pick the date and time and you show up for your (very slim) chance at the belt.
  10. >muh history No one gives a fuck about what you did 10 years ago You're sitting at #3 P2P while Apex has been #1 for almost a year and still going
  11. Fo reduced to a wildy clan after suffering b2b losses in both F2P and P2P clan wars Friday 6:30pm EST
  12. This is the clan that's avoided Apex for 3 months? Yikes
  13. Ace Krave's integrity vs. An account with 10m bank Who wins?
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